How To Understand the King James 1611 Bible

This is a series of sermons for folks who think the King James Bible is confusing, contradictory and archaic.
The KJB is not only the easiest bible to read, it is the easiest to understand.
The KJB is God's Holy Scriptures and is the ONLY Holy Scripture!
Here is how it can be so simply understood:

PS - Don't think that because there are so many sermons listed below, that it takes all this to 'learn' how to understand a KJB.  On the contrary, you will learn just how simple it is through sermons 1-6.  I just added more sermons because I so love to preach about the Risen Saviour and the KJB.

While most of these sermons are online in video format, they all come with notes and MP3 audio.

06/18/2011 - Please take note that these were completed way back in 2009... I have since learned a 'whole lot more'...  there is most definitely more to all these, so just go to 2011 sermons and catch up...  :-)  M Paulson

Pastor - Mike Paulson
The entire King James Bible is written FOR us, but it is not all written TO us!
We learn from the "For" and we try to apply the 'TO!"