The Mozart Effect and Beyond

Napoleon once said that in order to destroy something without being noticed, you must replace it with something else.  Satan has tried since day one to replace the words of God with his own words.   He tried to physically force it on people during the Dark Ages.  That did not work. That only made the people stronger.  He tried to bring in hundreds of different versions through a long history of corrupted & perverted manuscripts.  Unfortunately, that did work for most people, but not everybody.  There are still those of us Bible Believers alive and kicking who are determined to guard those words with their life.  Nobody is going to take those words away from a King James 1611 Bible-believer.

Well, folks - Satan is not giving up yet; Satan has even found a replacement for the word of God in the lives of many KJV Bible-believers.   What could Satan possibly use to still get those words away from these Bible 'fanatics'?

Music? Yes, music!  Not just rock music, either.  We know that Hammite 'music' appeals to the flesh - we are wise to that.  Not jazz as that is just the early roots of rock that came over with the slaves from the jungles of Africa to the bars, whore houses and slums of early southern America.  Ham's music is flesh oriented music, there is not doubt about that.  Not CCM - we are also wise to that music.  CCM words are mostly false doctrine and the music is all flesh.   And the oriental, Shemite music?  The eastern religions and Native American music?  No, most of us are wise to that new age stuff, too. Shemite music is all melody.  Most of the world has fallen for Ham and Shem's music, but there are a few of us who have fallen for it all, yet.

That means there is nothing left but Japheth's music.  How can that be?  The only good music during that line was written in the late Baroque and early Classical era.  Much of that music is considered 'clean' music - 'pure music' - 'absolute music'!  Would Satan plan on using that music?

Would Satan actually use good clean music?

Why not?  Why not use good, clean music for the final big deception?  Satan is subtle. His own people are called 'ministers of righteousness'.  What is more 'righteous' than claiming a KJV Bible along with good, clean music?

This newest attack is under the disguise of what is called THE MOZART EFFECT!  Satan is using good music to get the Bible-believer to give up his words of God.  Satan will use the Mozart Effect to finish off the world with this, his greatest and final subtle deception.   And unfortunately, many Bible-believing Christians are falling for it.  And as always, they will argue that they have not fallen.  Thus, one more 'issue' for the KJV gang to fight over.  As we fight, Satan chuckles and people continue to reject God's words and go to Hell as a result.

Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices.
II Corinthians 2:11

Hard to believe?  Yes it is, but if you read on, you will see how easily it is being done.    I have included actual material from 'their own sites' so that you may see that I am not making this up.

In a nutshell, what is happening here?

Through the use of good, clean music, people will be led to eastern healings, false religions and false teachings by getting them to be involved with their music.  For a Christian, this means that the Holy Spirit will be quenched and grieved as the Christian will be turning to another power & another gospel to reach out for comfort, encouragement and peace 'in their hearts."  That 'other power/gospel' is 'good music.'

By the way, I am not being 'anti-good music' here. I am just warning about where good music might take someone if they are not aware of Satan's subtle devices and plan.  And now, in a rather lengthy study, but well worth your time for a thorough investigation, read on ...

The Dangers of The Mozart Effect!

What is the "Mozart Effect?"
Who is Mozart?
What Can Be Wrong With Good Music?
Beyond the "Mozart Effect!"
Going Beyond the "Mozart Effect!"
Final Comments & Conclusion