Another Sermon for the Starving Bible Believing Christians All Over the World Wide Web
2007 - KJV Bible Believers Church in Touchet, Touchet, Washington - Pastor Mike Paulson - 2007
Expounding the way of God more perfectly - Acts 18:26 - with the Scriptures Rightly Divided - II Timothy 2:15
Adult / Kids Sunday School Series
What is In the Old Testament "FOR" us?
What's In It "FOR" Us?
Part XXV
July 8, 2007
Now all these things happened unto them for ensamples: and they are written for our admonition,
upon whom the ends of the world are come.
I Corinthians 10:11

Conclusion - Elisha "FOR" Us Today

Review from previous week - Lesson XXIV

1.  How did Elisha help the widow pay her debt?

a.  gave her the money
b.  got her a job
c.  increased the oil so she could sell the 'extra' oil
d.  gave her his credit card
2.  What things were NOT part of the preparations from the great woman of Shunem?
a.  bed
b.  table
c.  candlestick
d.  tv / video player
3.  What reference best describes Elisha, according to the Scriptures?
a.  man of God
b.  prophet of God
c.  both
d.  neither
4.  What happened to the miracle child of the great woman of Shunem
a.  he got a headache and died
b.  he got a new job and left home
c.  he got married
d.  he got lost in the cornfield
5.  What did the child NOT do that showed he was alive?
a.  the flesh of the child waxed warm
b.  he sneezed 7 times
c.  he opened his eyes
d.  he turned on the tv
6.  What was in the mess of pottage on the great pot?
a.  death
b.  life
c.  left-overs
d.  blonde hair from a girl named Goldilocks
7.  What did Elisha tell the men to cast into the pot?
a.  meal
b.  meal worms
c.  cream of wheat
d.  raisons
8.  What were NOT part of the left-overs after an hundred men were fed?
a.  bread of the firstfruits
b.  loaves of barley
c.  corn on the cob
d.  broccoli and brussels sprouts sandwich
9.  What was wrong with the mighty man in valour - Naaman?
a.  he was bald
b.  he was a leper
c.  he was a sleeper
d.  he was a sweeper
10.  How many times did Elisha tell Naaman to dip himself in the river Jordan?
a.  4
b.  7
c.  6
d.  1
11.  How many times did Naaman dip himself in the river Jordan?
a.  4
b.  7
c.  6
d.  1
12.  What was NOT of the problems that Naaman had with Elisha's directions?
a.  wanted different rivers
b.  wanted instant healing right there on the spot
c.  he wanted Elisha to come, not a messenger
d.  he wanted to be paid for his time off at work
13.  Who ended up becoming a leper because he lied?
a.  Dopey
b.  Bashful
c.  Doc
d.  Sneezy
e.  Sleepy
f.  Grumpy
g.  Gehazi
h.  Happy
14.  What happened to the axe head when it fell into the waters.
a.  floated
b.  sank
c.  changed colors
d.  turned into a pumpkin at midnight
15.  What did Elisha cause the axe head to do?
a.  swim
b.  float
c.  turn into a frog
d.  fly
16.  What did the young servant NOT see on the mountain when Elisha had God open his eyes?
a.  horses
b.  chariots of fire
c.  whirlwind
d.  a raven with a meat and bread sandwich

Today's Conclusion on the Miracles and Life of Elisha

note these definitions:
cab -  containing two pints and five sixths English and American corn measure.
ere - Before;  sooner than.

II Kings 6

Mothers and their boiled sons
6:24 - 6:33

II Kings 7

Elisha tells of the coming death of one of the men

Four leprous men finding nobody home!

The kings poor answer!

Elisha's prophecy comes true!

II Kings 8

8:1-6 - Woman of Shunem restored with all that was hers after 7 year famine!
8:7-15 - Hazael's reign prophesied by Elisha

II Kings 9

Run in and run out!
9:1-6, 10-13 - going to be anointed kind - and Jezebel's death prophesied!
9:7-9; 14-29 - lots of things take place within this amount of time
9:30-37 - death of Jezebel, just as Elisha said it would be!

II Kings 13

Elisha's death!

One more miracle AFTER he was dead!