Another Sermon for the Starving Bible Believing Christians All Over the World Wide Web
2007 - KJV Bible Believers Church in Touchet, Touchet, Washington - Pastor Mike Paulson - 2007
Expounding the way of God more perfectly - Acts 18:26 - with the Scriptures Rightly Divided - II Timothy 2:15
Adult / Kids Sunday School Series
What's In It FOR Us?
June 24, 2007
Now all these things happened unto them for ensamples: and they are written for our admonition,
upon whom the ends of the world are come.
I Corinthians 10:11

And now... (although probably too much material for today's 45 min SS class; if not we will just continue next week!


Last weeks review:  I Kings 19:13+

1.  What did the "still small voice" say to Elijah?

2.  Who did Elijah think was left with him to follow God? 3.  What did Elijah think they wanted from him? 4.  Who has everyone been bowing down to? 5.  How many did God He still have who had NOT bowed unto Baal? 6.  Along with bowing down to their false God Baal, what else did the people do? II Kings

7.  After King Ahab died, who was the king?

8.  What does the king fall out of? 9.  What does Elijah tell him he is going to do? 10.  What 'element' does Elijah seem to always be around? 11  What did Elijah look like in appearance? 12.  How did God take up Elijah? 12.  Who did Elijah's mantel fall on? 13.  Who said that Elijah would return in the future? 14.  When did Malachi say that Elijah would return? 15.  In the Gospels, Elijah showed up with whom when Jesus was transfigured? 16.  When does Elijah actually come back to earth? 17.  Who does Elijah show up with during the Tribulation?

Today's Lesson

Let's begin in II Kings 2:9-11 - when Elijah is being taken away.

Now the action shifts to Elisha

Even though Elisha was a farmer boy, he was of a different design when compared to Elijah. - I Kings 19:19-21

Did Elisha SEE the chariot come and take away Elijah? His ministry officially begins Elisha's first piece of business! Elisha later is proven he would have been correct! Elisha continues on with miracle after miracle!

Chapter 3
(I doubt we will be able to do this today, but just in case, here are the notes
otherwise, this will be some of next week's material)

Who are the two rulers now?

Moab rebelleth against Israel - but is tricked! Note: OT Prophets / Men of God / Words of the LORD, etc. No miracles, signs or wonders today like those that were done in the OT.
Next week - even MORE MIRACLES from Elisha