Another Sermon for the Starving Bible Believing Christians All Over the World Wide Web
2007 - KJV Bible Believers Church in Touchet, Touchet, Washington - Pastor Mike Paulson - 2007
Expounding the way of God more perfectly - Acts 18:26 - with the Scriptures Rightly Divided - II Timothy 2:15
Adult Sunday School Series
What's In It FOR Us?
Part XV
April 29, 2007
II Samuel
I Chronicles
David's Thanksgivings and Praises

So much happens - way to much detail to deal with in this SS class... but exciting...

Treasures & Gold Riches; Mystery; Drama; Conspiracy; Action; Danger & Intrigue; Old People; Young People; Royalty and all that goes with it (thrones, palaces, etc.); War, Blood & Guts; Heroes; Romance; Good guy vs Bad Guy; Surprise Endings & Change of Plans; Giants, Huge Numbers (70,000 killed II Sam 24:15; 800,000 Valiant Men; 500,000 Judah II Samuel 24:9; 20,000 II Samuel 18:7); 3 days eating and drinking; kindness; backstabbing; God against men; Power of Nature; Underdog winning; Seeing an angel in sky during war - I Chronicles 21:1-16, 27).

But specifically today:

Bunny Trail observations:

After all that stuff that David went through with his sins, etc. David Praised God! David's last word! David's  Thanksgiving Psalms