Adult / Kids Sunday School Series
June 1, 2008
What's In the Gospels "FOR" Us?
Part I
Between the Testaments

Gospels are still in Old Testament

Between the Testaments Two major writings claim between the Testaments WAS THERE EVER A PRE-CHRISTIAN SEPTUAGINT?


For those who 'claim' the Apocrypha being in the 1611, etc. they must realize that God promised to preserve His words, not a Bible.  A Bible is a collection of books, etc.  Man has been putting 'extra's' into the 'Bible' ever since it was put together.  Concordances, table of contents, foot notes, maps, 'How To Study the Bible,'  'Bible History,' etc. and much of that was, is and always will be WRONG.

I encourage folks to purchase a 1611 KJB with text only - NO notes or anything.  A concordance is fine, but do remember, it is never a complete one.

See http://www.scatteredchristians.org/2008/ThomasPresentation2Aporcrypha.ppt for my own powerpoint presentation on the Apocrypha that I taught here in Touchet a few years ago. The main group which holds to the Apocrypha is the Roman Catholic Church...

Both assist in making a different ending to the Bible
According to Westcott and Lightfoot, and their specters from the past, Clement, Origen and Eusebius, called these added books' "divinely inspired and very useful, remarkable and theologically of the highest value."

Here are a few of the 'new' coming verses!


Revelation 13:16,17 Water baptism Comforter vs Helper Revelation 15:2

From the Epistle of Barnabas and how it matches up with New Age and Today's Christianity: