From the Badlands & Prairie
of Western South Dakota

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How to Understand a King James Bible
A series of sermons showing how easy it is to understand a KJB! 
Two Year Old Testament / Gospels Bible Study Series

What's in the OT & Gospels FOR us but certainly not TO us
- Two years of Sunday School studies -
- 2007/2008 -

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Please note that God has taken us down many roads and carried us over many bumps; in other words, God, through His grace and Risen Saviour, has gradually shown us His way 'more perfectly!'  If you were to hear the sermons from our recent past, you would truly see how God presented to us His way more perfectly - one degree at a time.  That is why I recommend the newest sermons first if you are new to rightly dividing with Paul.

Yes folks, He can do it for you, too!  We are in constant learning and growing - and as Paul stated that he had not attained, neither have we.  But we are getting closer... and gaining a confidence and assurance of our King James Bible as well as the Risen Christ Himself.

PS - I stand strong that am NOT a hyper-dispensational or hyper-grace preacher or a Mid-Acts preacher in any way shape or form.  I actually go 'beyond Paul' by going on with our rightly divided KJB!

2010 - M Paulson - 2010
Sermon Outline/Notes for the Starving Bible Believing 

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