A Sermon from the Badlands and the Prairie of Western South Dakota


M Paulson
Kadoka, South Dakota

December 12, 2010

On the Hill
Part VIIa
a.m. sermon
Today, we look at the emphasis for Modern Christians is 'the flesh' while our issue is our mind.  The Modern Christianity puts a false emphasis on stopping 'sinning' while Paul teaches us how the Risen Saviour took care of sin - period!  Thus, our emphasis should be on our mind.

The morning sermon is about 'the flesh' of today's false Christianity as they 'try' to follow the teachings of the Gospels and early Acts.

The pm sermon is about the mind - as given to us by the Risen Savour through the teachings of Paul ONLY!

We are to despise this modern Christianity and destroy the magnificence of it all!

Mike Paulson
Trying to do the work of an evangelist by teaching Paul's gospel of the Risen Saviour!

The entire King James Bible is written FOR us, but it is not all written TO us!
We learn from the "For" and we learn to apply the 'TO!"