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Music from a Biblical Perspective!

Learn about the language of music' through preaching & teaching sermons, Bible studies,
tracts, PowerPoint presentations and videos as well as trying
to show musicians how not to pollute God's praises!

What does the Bible say about music?

A Teacher of the Bible & Music!

M Paulson

Church music today:

...causes people to stumble
...is not expedient
...does not edify
...is an occasion for the flesh
...has a power over the people
...is preparing 'modern christians' for the coming of the antichrist
...will be the music of the Tribulation Church - the Laodicean Church Age!

This website is not just about CCM, Hillbilly, Gospel, Classical, Rock, Jazz, etc.
This website is not just about 'good' and 'bad' music!
This website is not just about whether or not your 'favorite' CD
is a "good one" or not - in anybody's opinion!
"Rightly Divided" 1611 King James Bible Studies on Music
2014 - Updated Sermons on Music - 2014
July 18, 2012

Classic Bible Verses on Music

What can we learn from Moses, Amos, David, Saul and Paul about music?  What about worship today?  Is it as great as people make out to be?  What does God say about music today?


The "Details" - Pre-2012 Sermons and Studies
Why Music Is a Serious Issue?
For those of you who have little knowledge of the language of music or any understanding concerning any "music issues," I invite you to begin here.
Music Subjects and Specific Questions
Read a list of subjects and specific questions that I deal with in this website about music.
Former Studies / Sermon Texts
These are sermons / studies that I have presented in the past years.  Even though I consider them as my 'early' material, I still consider them to be a 'highly recommended read' if you have not read any other materials up to this point. 
Absolute Music
A series preached in August / November of 2005 about the rise and fall of the 'Classical European' music, a music that truly pleased God and could still today, if....   This is the music that 'came from' Japheth and rose to give God glory only to have man take it down to give man an opportunity to worship himself, the creation.
Biblical Perspective on Music
This online "book" format is for those folks with a serious interest in music so they can follow along with all of the material until it is gathered into one source.  The purpose of this 'book' is to simply show you what the Bible says about music! 
Power Point Presentations
A few of my music sermons are done with Powerpoint in order to show the charts of music history as well as other 'visual' needs in the preaching of music from the King James Bible.  You can view these presentations online, although total understanding requires you to hear the preaching.  These are being available mostly to make you thirsty for more detailed preaching on music and the Bible!

MP3 Audios of Hymns of the "Good ole Days!"

These are all available for you to download free!

Congregational Singing
This is a mix of congregational singing from a little church family in Touchet WA along with some old 'recordings' of my earlier day's involvement as a choir director, accompanist, song leader, orchestra music teacher days in a few other Bible Believing churches from my past.  Sad to say, but each and every one of those churches has succumbed to the 'new' music that truly quenches & grieves the Spirit.   If you are longing for the music of those earlier days, these old recordings will be a joy to you.  Nothing fancy, just simple hymns and spiritual songs simply played and sung!
Simple Hymns Simply Played
Piano by Mike Paulson
Two verses of approximately 167 Hymns played on a real piano - no midi sound - just the real thing with no fancy arrangements, etc. They are available CD for those who are not able to download them 'free' from this site.
Simple Hymns Simply Singable
Piano by Mike Paulson
A few hundred of the 'good ole hymns' all done including an introduction and all the verses written for that particular hymn - on real piano.  These will work to sing along with at any church or home - or in the car, etc.  All are 'freely' downloadable and are used in churches around the world.
Classical Piano Music from Grandpa
Piano by Mike Paulson
I play a few of my favorite quiet time 'clean' Mozart and Chopin pieces  - along with a few more quiet hymns.

Japheth's History of Music Appreciation / Listening
Meet the Composers of the Baroque/Classical/Romantic Era
and Their Music
Learn about the great "Japheth" composers and their music.  Listen to certain pieces of music that truly would be of a great benefit to you as well as more listening understanding and appreciation. 

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