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King James Bible 1611 Then and Today
Home Schoolers Beware!
The Lord Will Not Tarry for Your Children
The Lord will NOT tarry!
See Hebrews 10:37 for the only place the Scriptures mention anything about the Lord tarrying - and the truth is that He won't tarry.  So those preachers and people who are hoping the Lord tarries, etc. are wrong in their statement.

See Romans 11:25 to see that He will come for us at the rapture when the fulness of the Gentiles be come in.  His coming is not 'His' choice based on our degree of 'good' walk down here.  He is coming when He is coming - and that is final.

That is similar to a situation in our home that we all go through as we have children.  Let's say the child is doing his breakfast very slow and you say to hurry up or YOU will come and take away his food.  NO!  You say that when the time is up, the time is up and if he is not done, that was his choice.  It is NOT YOUR FAULT that you came to take away his food.

Who's the bad guy/gal?
In other areas of discipline, etc. don't make YOURSELF look like the bad guy/gal.  They are choosing to bring upon themselves the response.  Make sure they know it is THEIR fault, not yours, that you had to do what you have to do.

The same goes with those folks who get mad at a God who would send folks to Hell. Well, God doesn't SEND folks to Hell. They go their by their own choosing.

The point is this:
God is not going to 'wait' for your children to 'get their life and education' right.  We are running out of time folks - I hope it is not our children or grandchildren who will have to try the life of the tribulation.

Home schooling is the ONLY and BEST way for us Bible Believers to
train up a child in the way he should go:
and when he is old, he will not depart from it.
I will say, however, that my observations have shown me
that more and more home schoolers are failing in their 'adventure.'
In the sermons, we do a quick review of Proverbs 9:7,8; 14:1; 15:12; 25:12 and 29:1 to 'warn' us how we should 'accept' this sermon - either as one scorned and reproved so that you hate the man preaching this or as one who will be willing to accept the truth.  As an earring of gold, and an ornament of fine gold, so is a wise reprover upon an obedient ear.

I hope you home schoolers who are considering this sermon have an obedient ear to the Scriptures.

Time is running out - and the Lord will not tarry for your children.  Do what you can while you have them.  There are those of us older folks who would like to have our kids again - and those of you who have children now are at the place in life where you will want to be later when you want to 'do your schooling over.  But like us, it will be too late.

Who Am I?
    I am not an authority on the 'best' way to home school - each family is different and has different elements to deal with.  But I will say this:
  • I have been in professional education for 25 years.
  • I have taught in public, private and home schools.
  • I have taught in both poor and rich schools.
  • I have taught in both large and small schools.
  • I have taught in grades 4-12.
  • I have taught English, Literature, Grammar, History and of course, Music.
  • I have led field trips from 2 to to 220 students.
  • I have even driven the bus for many of them.
  • I have taken students out of the country - and brought them all back!
  • I figure I have taught about 15-20,000 students over my years.  From successful in the world, to those in the ministry and at least one I know of in prison.
  • I have dabbled in all and was seriously involved in many areas of education.
  • I have seen what 'education' can do to a person - some good things and some bad things.
  • I have had to take many 'shots' to myself since becoming aware of rightly dividing - Paul's gospel vs Jesus Gospel and the modern Christianity that so prevails home school educationists.
  • Be that is it may, I will say the same thing that Paul states in Philippians 3:12-14 - 12: Not as though I had already attained, either were already perfect: but I follow after, if that I may apprehend that for which also I am apprehended of Christ Jesus.  Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended: but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before,  I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.

    Let God Show You
    Let us therefore, as many as be perfect, be thus minded:
    and if in any thing ye be otherwise minded, God shall reveal even this unto you.

    I hope you will allow God to show you some things tonight for YOUR home schooling situation.

    Home Schooling today
    Home schooling has been good to some folks, horrible to others!
    Home schooling has done some kids well and to others, almost destroyed!
    Home schooling has been a benefit to many while many others have been cheated out of an education!
    Home schooling is either well accepted or considered the enemy!
    Home schooling for some has become a religion and their children are their gods and goddesses!
    Home schooling for some is nothing but a slothful way of ruining their children instead of the public school doing it for them!

    Most parents really don't understand what Home schooling should be nor do they know what it means to home school!

    To some parents, home schooling is a joy!
    To some parents, home schooling is a bother - an irritation - an interruption in their life.

    Selfishness abounds in the families of many home schoolers!

    The way some folks home school proves that there is an unnatural love that more and more parents have towards their children

    My observations have shown me that home schooling can...
  • split a church
  • ruin many ministries
  • destroy and tear apart families
  • ruin kids future
  • wreck marriages
  • be a horrible testimony to God, the Lord and the King James Bible - and to truth!
  • give the strength of the family to the mom
  • rob dad of his masculinity and role as captain of the ship
  • rob boys of their God-designed masculinity
  • rob girls of their God-designed femininity
  • And that can be done by 'honest' parents trying to the right thing - WRONGLY!

    My observations have shone me that most home schooled kids today are famous for:
  • Geekiness with boys becoming effeminate or King Kongs with their pride, rudeness and mouth!
  • Girls becoming stronger than the boys and/or haughty and snotty!
  • Running their family by being the gods of the home!
  • worldliness - how they are sucked into the world's toys, language, tv, etc.!
  • a horrible lack of self-control and self-discipline!
  • an inability to think on their own!
  • not able to play with other kids - very susceptible to follow the 'bad' kid!
  • being judgmental when they get older!
  • being disrespectful in their thoughts as they put on an obedient face
  • being unteachable by others - only mom can teach them anything - nobody else knows anything!
  • rebellion!
  • being cute when little and 'out' when they get older!
  • Prideful!
  • We are seeing more and more of the fruit of home schooling as the cute little obedient kiddies grow up and turn to the world's ways - and become an enemy of the truth, of the King James Bible and tend to follow 'another spirit,' 'another gospel,' and have received 'another Jesus!'

    These folks are mostly OT gospel followers and follow authors that write OT gospel designed materials.  Few home schoolers have or even know about Paul's gospel.

    Why do some folks home school?
  • To get away from the public school's doctrine?  (then why do they want to play in their sports and music activities - and watch TV and videos, etc.)
  • To get away from the social training of the public?  (why do they trust church kids - ALL children have foolishness bound in their hearts! Proverbs 22:15)
  • OR... is it to fulfill God's parental responsibilities?
  • Most folks find it easy to 'turn away' from the public system, but find it difficult or are not interested in turning UNTO God's ways for home schooling!  They are merely trying to do 'better' than the public system.

    It is easy to leave but very difficult to do it correctly in the home!

    Education is not the answer!
    With all my years in education, I have come to the conclusion that EDUCATION IS NOT THE ANSWER!

    Home Education provides the greatest opportunity to learn...
  • to read properly
  • to write from their brain AND their heart
  • numbers and God's involvement and design
  • the truth about History
  • the truth about Science
  • how to be Christian MAN / WOMAN
  • how to please God according to Paul's gospel
  • how to deal with this wicked and perverted and blind world
  • the devices of the devil (be simple to that which is evil - the devices of the devil, not ignorant!

  • Home Education is also the only educational  place to learn...
  • the truth about Biblical issues concerning the KJB
  • rightly dividing the word of truth
  • how to prepare for the future - properly
  • about the right Jesus
  • about the right gospel
  • about the right walk
  • about the right motive for one's walk

  • Home Education is the only way to have a...
  • close family (not a 'perfect' family' nor a 'holy and devout' family)
  • 'haven'
  • safe social life - within the family and home
  • proper designed love
  • true path of guidance put forth to the kids

  • The local church has taken over many of the families responsibilities.
  • some of those families have put that responsibility onto the church
  • some families have gone to the other extreme - NO church, NO preaching, NO pastor, etc.
  • some families still attend church but on on the outside - no respect, no ears, no purpose other than 'play the game' of church

  • Home School Organizations are not for Bible Believers!
  • they may look successful - they may look like the perfect family - but they are not!
  • are run by the rich who can build their own schools in their homes
  • have dads who are in unrealistic situations - or are in debt up to their ears for their children!
  • have the wrong Book!
  • have the wrong Gospel!
  • have a messed up and modern rockin' church!
  • do things you don't and won't and shouldn't!
  • have another spirit
  • have another Jesus - the one that Paul warns about!
  • Why even consider them when we are told to 'from such turn away,' etc.?

    The Man in the Family
    What a mixed up emphasis saying that the man is to be more involved with teaching the kids!
    The dad has to
  • WORK!
  • Make Money!
  • Provide the ship!
  • Steer the ship!
  • Demand that the family live within the means of what he provides!
  • Protect the home from the enemy outside and get rid of the enemy inside!
  • Learn the right gospel rightly divided and presents it to their family and takes them to a church that does the same thing!
  • It is a false concept that ruins the joy of the home to demand that the man be so involved!  It is unrealistic in most homes.
    Yes, most men have NO clue as to what to even expect...
    Many dad's must realize that some things just won't get done around the house to his satisfaction.  Personal projects, laundry, fancy lunches/dinners, clean perfect house, errands, etc. if the demand is such to take the schooling away.  Some things have to be neglected and it is usually the kids that get shoved aside.

    Ladies, you help your man by teaching his children.  Home Schooling is NOT an opportunity for you to 'not work' so you can stay home and do what you want.  You can not just do your life your way.

    Preparation Time Needed!
    Most men have no clue as to what it takes for the wife to home school.
    A good teacher:
  • prepares lesson plans
  • corrects papers and knows what to reteach and how to reteach it.
  • reads stories and assignments ahead of the kids so they can help present it - and highlight some extra areas.
  • stays in the classroom - doesn't run out and do errands, etc.  NO INTERRUPTIONS
  • A good meal means preparation!
    A good yard takes preparation!
    A sermon takes preparation!
    A whole Sunday takes preparation!
    An activity / project, etc. takes preparation!

    Home Schooling takes preparation!

    Why field trips with church kids?
  • all kids have foolishness bound in their hearts - even those church kids
  • there are boy-girl issues already in our little children
  • each family has it's own demands and standards

  • A Home School Killer!
  • women yelling at, arguing with, not supporting their husbands destroys!
  • women manipulating their husbands and families with their emotions and demands destroys!
  • unladylike behaviour and running mouth destroys!
  • allowing daily interruptions - phone calls, computer time, etc. interrupts the flow - (their should be a flow)
  • lack of preparation for the day!
  • husbands that demand more than they realize
  • husbands with no patience and grace
  • if you ladies think you can 'fix' your family through schooling!
  • you follow the wrong gospel and demand perfection, etc. as Jesus did!
  • if you think you can rescue your kids by yourself without your husband's cooperation and involvement, etc.
  • if you try to fit your child's education into your day!
  • If you have those things taking place, you might as well put your kids into a public school...
    ...you are going to destroy your kids more than they will!

    And folks, if you are yearning for a public ministry for you and/or for your children, start at home.
    We don't need more miserable snotty home school families ruining the testimony of Paul's gospel!

    Home schooling can be a joyful family thing - but it can be a destroyer, too.
    And in these latter and perilous times, it is tough to do right.
    But... enjoy your kids and teach them what they need to be taught - while you still can.

    The Lord isn't going to tarry just so you can keep putzing along pretending!