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April 18, 2010
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Are We Really Supposed To 'Be Like Christ?'
Am I bad to teach this?  So many folks actually think we are to 'be like Christ' in our daily walk.  Is that what the Scriptures actually teach to us today?

It is so heavily taught that even we fight that inner engrained teaching that we still think we have to be like Christ... at least in some ways...  but that is NOT Scriptural.

Stay with me and see what the Scriptures truly teach!
The audio expounds upon the following information!

Are we to 'Be Like Christ?

A Rightly Divided KJB doesn't say so! But the Devil Does!
I.  To think you are walking like Christ is the epitome of conceit! 2.  The Devil is behind all this teaching! 3.  Modern Bibles teach it along with the modern preachers sermons! 4.  A wrongly divided King James Bible can be used to teach this false doctrine! 5.  Quotes from Rick Warren as he teaches his followers to become like Christ! Let's look at the truth from the King James Bible about 'being like Christ.'

Mike Paulson
Trying to do the work of an evangelist by teaching Paul's gospel of the Risen Saviour!

The entire King James Bible is written FOR us, but it is not all written TO us!
We learn from the "For" and we learn to apply the 'TO!"