Break #74

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Problems From Their Own Government!
Nehemiah 5:1-14

We all know the 'issues' we are having with our own government lately, if not always, I suppose.  But these days, the government is totally out of control... and finally, we believe it can't be fixed - not even repaired a little. The perversions have taken over - Romans 1:20-32 reigns - and in the so-called 'Christian' world, II Timothy 3:1-7 is out of control, soon to be in total effect.

The 'government' spoken of in Nehemiah, is the government of Nehemiah's own people.  Nehemiah went up to his own government and presented his demands - and surprisingly, they heard his complaints; his demands, etc. and responded accordingly.  Of course, we could easily say this would best be compared with Israel and it's government today.  However, we know that according to Paul, they had their chance when their Messiah came - and lost it. Their day is coming again, but not without some serious challenges ahead.

So, for us to look at how Nehemiah handled those rulers, etc. we can only dream.  It would be nice if we could approach our government and get the same results.  It would be nice if we could approach our 'bosses' and hope for the same results.  In fact, it would just be nice if we could just approach the pastors in modern Christianity today and get them back to the KJ bible and rightly divide the word of truth - but we know that doesn't seem to be possible anymore these days. But we can see here in Nehemiah, if they wanted to 'get right,' here is how it could be done.

Chapter five does have it's interesting points still worthy of our own observation.

We see, in verses 1-14, the details about the 1) complaints from the people; 2) Nehemiah's reaction; 3) Nehemiah's demands to the rulers; 4) their government's response.

If I were to be preaching a long message at this time, I would be able to say all that is going wrong these days - in our country - in our churches -  in our families - in our own lives.  But if you are one of those reading this 'break study,' then you already know what is 'wrong' these days. 

In fact, we can hear a lot of pastors - and even a few of those rare politicians - who are correct with their assessment of 'what is wrong' these days.  However, they are totally wrong on their ways of 'fixing' things.  A pastor who takes his people to the OT, INCLUDING the Gospels as well as Peter, John, etc. is leading his people astray.  That pastor fits II Timothy 3:13 to the exact detail - But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived.  

And we can certainly throw in II Timothy 4:3,4 - For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be tuned unto tables.  So pastors are preaching only what people want to hear - false gospel fables of religion and science.  People's ears are not itching for Paul and the KJB Only.

Que Sera Sera...

I.  Let's first look at the complaints Nehemiah had to deal with: 

First of all, in verse 1, notice that not only did the people cry... God makes a point to tell us that their wives were also part of the crying.  Why isn't it enough to just say, ...a great cry of the people?  But God had to throw in "...and their wives"!  Well, that is completely a 'nuther' sermon subject - many of you know that answer anyway... just check out my website for my two cents on that subject...

So, the problem... oh ya, the problem:

Here ya go...

  • a)  vs 2 - they have a lot of people, including sons and daughters - they needed food so that they may all eat and live.
  • b)  vs 3 - they had to mortgage their lands, vineyards, houses, etc. so they could buy their food.
  • c)  vs 4-5 - because they had to be 'out there' in the world, they were just like the 'world' now.  Their own kids are now like those other kids - their children are in bondage to work now - and they do not have the power to get them out - because now the 'government' owns all their property, etc.
Boy, doesn't that sound familiar?  There are a lot of us now - and with those millions of "illegals" flowing into our country, it is only going to get worse, of course. What are we having to 'sell' in order that we can 'eat.'  Well, so far, most folks seem to have enough to buy all of their tech toys and fancy cars, etc.  I know many many poor folks whose kids still have phones, tech games and they all drive around in fancy cars, etc.  We know the 'illegals' are all getting free health insurance... and the list goes on and on, eh!

And now we all see our children grown up just living like the world, in the world, and being led blindly by the world.  And there is nothing we can do to get them out anymore.

So those were the complaints - sound legitimate to me, anyway - and they still do today!

II.  Ok, now Nehemiah's reaction:

6 - And I was very angry when I heard their cry and these words.

Is this our response today?  Have we gone to our 'leaders' and complained?  Have we at least gone to the pastors and complained about all that there is to expose in the preaching, in the music, in the people, in the purpose of the church, etc?

But, was he angry at those who were complaining?  Was he angry at those who had old fashioned way of life?  Was he angry at those who were complaining about their kids and how they went the way of the world?  Was he angry at those who wanted to share restrooms?  etc. etc.

Are we even angry anymore at what is going on?  Well, should we be angry, or like Paul shows us, stirred in the spirit, etc.  The question is still, though, do we fight against what is going on?  Have we been to the pastor?  Have we been to any community meetings, etc. 

I know... it is the falling away and to fight and struggle isn't what Paul tells us to do.  No man that warreth entangleth himself with the affairs of this life... no doubt.  But there were times when Paul stood up for the truth!  Many times... do you know what they are?  Do you know what to say when 'they' approach you and criticize you for what you believe? Do you say anything... and yes, there are times when it is best to just let it go.  But for those times where a good response is needed, I hope you are there like Nehemiah was!

III.  Nehemiah's response vs 7:
a)  he consulted with himself (sure doesn't hurt to think about stuff before we react!)
b)  he rebuked the nobles, and the rulers (see Paul's books on the word 'rebuke')
c)  he got some other folks to also challenge them (don't go at it alone, unless, of course, you have to!)

What did Nehemiah say - vs 8-11?

  • a) vs 7 -  you exact usury from the brethren!
  • b) vs 8 - we took our brethren out of bondage and you put them back into bondage!
  • c) vs 9 - you do not walk in the fear of our God because you are more afraid of the heathen!
  • d) vs 10 - you not only stop taking that usury
  • e) vs 11 - you return the money, the houses, the food, etc.
Nehemiah was a pretty tough negotiator, wouldn't you say!

IV.  The government's response vs 12

Well surprise, surprise, they heeded Nehemiah - exactly as he said!  "We will restore them, and will require nothing of them; so will we do as thou sayest."

Wouldn't that be nice today?  If the spouse?  the kids? would take heed to mom/dad!  If our boss?  our city members?  our state politicians?  our federal government?  our justices? would take heed to the US Constitution! and of course, the pastors and ss teachers, etc. if they would just take heed to a rightly divided KJB and look to Paul.  Like Paul said to the ship's captain in Acts 27:21 - But after long abstinence Paul stood forth in the midst of them, and said, Sirs, ye should have hearkened unto me, and not have loosed from Crete, and to have gained this harm and loss.

Now, what is in break #75 is what I find most interesting!


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