A most pure and perfect music
The March

The following excerpts of words and music are taken from

  • "The Golden Age of the March"
  • "The Complete Marches of John Philip Sousa"
  • I encourage  you to click on the title for the link to order your own complete sets of recordings. You will not find any more 'stirring' music than a good clean march!  I also suggest you just to a 'search' on the word 'march' and learn about the details of the march musically as well as the composers - and the stories and history that go along with many of the marches.  A word of caution: you might just get 'addicted' to march music.

    "A march should make a man with a wooden leg step out."
    John Philip Sousa

    "You can not listen to a really fine band play 'The Stars and Stripes Forever' and keep your chin down."
    Karl King