Break #51

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Question: "What can we do for those others whom we deeply love and care?

We Can Do What the Risen Saviour Says 
Through Paul in a King James Bible.

There are two directions we can take. 
One is a direction that is quite involved but it has everything to do in our own efforts and actions 'for' those folks for which we love and care. In fact, I am sure that most folks are not aware of all we can 'try' to do, mostly because they take time - quiet time - but mostly just that valuable commodity we have little of today - 'time'..  I would imagine that most of us have tried 'some' of the things, but have we been through them all - consistently & continually?  (See Break # 53 for the complete list).

If we have tried them all yet to no avail, then what is that second and most serious option? 
Well, let me first say that this second option is not what most folks think they are doing when they get to this frustrating and disappointing level of love and care.  I will also say that this option is 1) for those who understand the truth about the flesh, 2) only found in a King James Bible... thus few folks are aware of this option.

I have even found that for those who truly trust and follow the risen Saviour through Paul and a rightly divided KJB, most of them probably are not aware of reality and truth of this choice.  They mean well - and one would 'figure' the way we see it today is the correct way.

We wonder why it seems that God is not getting through to them!
We can find ourselves beginning to wonder why the folks whom we love and care are not moving closer to God. In fact, we may often wonder if God is even working on our friends, family, etc. or not - and so we get even more disappointed, often angry and judgmental, towards those folks who just seem to continue to reject God, etc.  More often than not, the end result is that we find ourselves eventually losing faith in God's working and start doubting our own faith and belief, etc.  We may even find ourselves participating in the very same things 'they' are doing so that we 'don't lose them even more - or we just find ourselves having as much fun as they are - finally!

Often times, we ourselves give up and stop doing our part and so we think we have relinquished our efforts to God - basically not doing anything more ourselves.  While it is clear in the Scriptures that  there are times we are to avoid them, not partake in what they are doing, withdraw from them, etc., we also have to realize the Scriptures also tell us that there are times we need to stick with them with the same grace God showed us when we were 'wrong' in what we were doing.

Why has God not gotten through to them yet?

What is this 'conclusion' to our series on the flesh
and what about those others?

Answer: We have to allow ourselves to turn them over to the devil!

"What?," you say?  "Don't you mean to turn them over to God and let Him work on them?"

No!  I mean to turn them over to the devil and let him work on them!

As I prepared this particular message, I continue to hesitate in 'making it public' because I believe his will be one of the hardest teachings I have when it comes to 'helping' others.  I have hesitated because I want to make sure this is a true teaching from Paul; I have thought long and hard, studied it through and through, as always I have talked with God about it many times and continued to search in the Scriptures to secure this 'conclusion.'

This will not be popular - this has a very difficult level of awareness for those of us who care for others and have gotten to the 'end of our rope' over them.   I figure most folks won't even agree with this one and will continue doing what they are doing for those they love and care - they will continue thinking they have turned them over to God - hoping that someday God will get through to them.  This might even be a 'reason' for some folks to think either the KJB can't be right on this - or at least Paulson has this one wrong!

Remember what Paul said about those people about whom he cared?

  • And I will very gladly spend and be spent for you; though the more abundantly I love you, the less I be loved.  II Corinthians 12:15
  • Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?  Galatians 4:16
We really should not give up on them - even when they reject us - and God.  We must remember that when we give up on them, or back off our testimony and witnessing to them because it seems we aren't getting through and are just pushing them further away, we should know that it isn't God that takes over in our place.

Let me say it one more time - I remind you to check the 'list' from Paul when it comes to 'being there' for those 'others' you love and care.  We do not have to 'give-up' on anyone.  We do not have to stop caring about the ones we love.  Yes, there are some things that obviously seem to not work and will not work anymore.  But there are a few things you can continue doing without stopping.  Those other things 'on the list' may come into the picture again some day... so don't give up - just be ready.

So, if you are unfamiliar with that 'list' then move on to Break #53.  Otherwise, let's get to the one that is so misunderstood.  Why this one first, you ask?  Because many of us already know of people who have rejected and / or gone away from God.  So, as we can still learn about that 'list' and reevaluate our efforts, let's go on to that tougher ''option' that most of us misunderstand..

So, here goes:
Here is why I say that our 'last' option is to turn them over to the devil!
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