Mikel Paulson

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30-Minute Radio Programs  /  Panning for Gold with Prospector Mikel Paulson
From July through to the end of December, I recorded 150 30 minute radio programs of sermons, etc. that taught the basics of following the Risen Saviour through Paul as our only apostle as only found in a King James Bible.  Click on the Radio Program link to find those pre-recorded programs.

Starting on December 25, 2014, we switched to "Panning for God with Prospector Mikel Paulson" where we will be looking at the 'walk' - the 'manner of life' of a Christian as designed by the Risen Saviour for this dispensation of grace that we now live in.  These sermons and studies are designed to help the sincere Christian prepare for his judgment seat of Christ.  These are NOT for religious folks nor are they intended to flatter or encourage folks to stay in their church if their pastor is not preaching the Risen Saviour through Paul and all within a King James 1611 Bible.