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- May, 2014 - 

King James 1611 - Rightly Divided - Following the Risen Christ Through Paul, Our Only Apostle Today

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Bunny Trails for the Brethren 

We are going to look at a number of misc. verses that deal with the brethren, one way or another; in a small way or a large way; indirectly or directly.  There are faithful brethren, brethren weak in the faith, brethren that walk disorderly and then there are the false brethren.  Which one are you?  Come and join me look at all these magnificent verses that explain so much for us!



Bunny Trails for the Brethren
Part I

"Am I Whining too Much? 
Is There a Purpose to My Own Afflictions Being Shared with Others?"

This particular subject has been bothering me a lot lately... Do I sound like I am whining when I write to you folks with my updates?  I don't mean to - and yet I get back some "I'm sorry..." or that others are having problems, too.  I understand that!  But as I was reading these 'brethren' verses, I see where my telling about my own challenges and afflictions have their purpose.  So listen up on this 'early morning sermon' that I did at 12:30 a.m. as I explain the importance of us knowing about our afflictions and challenges, etc.  I feel like my burden has been lifted about my concerns as I tell them on to you - the Scriptures are amazing how they remove those unnecessary burdens, eh!



Bunny Trails for the Brethren
Part II

"That Which is Spiritual - Are You Spiritual?"

So many 'Christians' think of themselves as spiritual wonders that everyone needs to listen to.  Here is the truth concerning who is and who is not truly spiritual!



Bunny Trails for the Brethren
Part III

"Take-Notice Verses"

Here are a few verses that we may tend to overlook in our speed-reading 'devotions.'  These are verses that we truly need to 'take-notice' and consider them in our daily manner of life activities.


Moving Beyond Marriage Disasters

This is one of my sermons where I really do not want to put the notes online.  All too often, I figure some folks just take a quick peek at the verse references and "leave it at that."  In this case especially, I truly believe it is important for the 'audio' to heard instead of a notes scan.  You can take your own notes, of course - and in fact, you can even watch the video and see how much I 'enjoyed' preaching this one.

There is so much confusion about one's past when it comes to failed marriages, divorces, remarriages, etc. and all the baggage that comes with all that mess.

Then you have pastors preaching and teaching but just adding more confusion, bondage and guilt and punishment - and then, of course, you have the opinions of 'honourable and devout ' modern christians along with the Bible thumpers as they use the OT gospel laws to the Jews and the tribulation verses, again to the Jews, etc. during the Tribulation.

THEN, can you believe it,  you have the 'Paul guys' preaching and twisting and messing with Paul's verses on marriage, divorce, etc. and just adding more confusion to the situation.

It's a real mess, I tell ya!

This is my take on all that - and I tell ya, the simplicity of the Risen Saviour and the trust and faith in the KJB cleans it all up.  It really does.

And then that last closing verse - what a winner!

Yes - it is one my longer ones lately - but I hope it is worth your time!



May 30
Paul's Alliteration of His Ministry to Gentiles

The Joys of Pursuing Paul

Here are the 'top ten' reasons why my searching and pursuing Paul over these years has been such a joy - yes, a life full of battles, but still a joy, anyway.  There are more reasons, but here are a few of them.  There is no 'audio' for this particular sermon.  This is a reading study - and you can certainly add your reasons, as well. 

-no audio-

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