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Japheth Music 

This page will contain some of my more favorite musical works and information that I personally found enjoyable, interesting, challenging to learn about and to play, beneficial in many ways and, of course, worthy of your time; I am hoping that some folks will be able to increase their understanding / appreciation of Japheth music from which this page will concentrate.

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The March
A most pure and perfect music
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John Philip Sousa
America's March King
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The Lives of the Great Composers
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The following composer stories come from an old record set I found at a school many years ago.  The entire set was in the trash as the music teacher had 'upgraded' to a newer presentation.  I took them out of the trash and recorded them onto a cassette.  And now, I finally have a way to change the cassette to an mp3 for either a personal disc or for on the website.  This is another example of how the 'old' stuff is a lot better than the new stuff.
These are short stories and included short portions of the composer's music.  This is a great way to introduce yourself to these composers and this type of music.  Please excuse the quality variations - these are very old, but very good, too!

There is no special 'christian' element emphasis here.  In fact, I will be doing a sermon soon on the falseness of calling music 'Christian' vs 'Worldly'.  There can be a description such as secular or sacred in types and subjects of works, etc. but otherwise, there is really no difference when considered from the musical language angle.  Yes, there are standards that music can follow - and yes, of course, Paul is the one who sets the guidelines.

The term 'Japheth Music' comes from one of Noah's three sons.  Shem, Ham and Japheth.  If one studies the history backwards, you will find that Shem is the beginning of the Oriental race, Ham is the African and Japheth is the European.  This series is in no way meant to be racially insensitive - it has nothing to do with race but it is about their music.

The Composers and Their Life Stories

These mp3 audio short stories contain some information that wouldn't be found today - these are great little stories about how these composers battled their parents and family in order to write a kind of music that had never been heard of before in their time- ever!

Concerning the plethora of information available about Japheth music and the composers, I have included some excerpts from a site called It is an entertaining, easy to read, very informative website which serves as a simple introduction to these and other famous - and even the not so famous - "classical" composers.

Click on the composer's name to listen to his life story and hear a few of his more famous compositions.
The numbers state the length of the audio sotry.
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If you are interested in any of my own music studies within my website,
you will learn that Shem music deals with melody,
Ham deals with rhythm and
Japheth deals with harmony.
It is a fascinating study!!!  You will be shocked at the conclusions that are made.

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