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Program Description
Program #56
Too many to list
More Music - Piano Playing of a Few of the 'Old' Hymns

We will be saving the 'big program' for Tuesday.  For today, I will be playing the piano for ya'll for one more day of a break from the action.

Program #57
  • My Anchor Holds
  • Face to Face
  • That Which is Perfect Came in 1611!
  • This is the beginning of the program of the subject of all subjects - the simple fact that the most important historical event of all time (with the exception of Christ Himself) was the coming of the King James Bible in 1611. 
  • We look to I Corinthians 13:10 to show what huge effect this had on the world.
  • This also explains why today's 'modern' Christianity is what it is today - WRONG!
  • This shows how God works with His people today - through the Scriptures!
  • This also brings up other questions that need to be answered to help folks see the truth about their soul and eternal future!
  • We are on the road now!  Hang on for the ride - it is a fantastic road - it is an enlightening road - and the devil will throw out his detours now!!!
  • I Cor 13:8-13
    I Cor 14:1.3
    Program #58
  • Wonderful Grace of Jesus
  • Onward Christian Soldiers
  •  What if...
    • ... the King James Bible is NOT I Corinthians 13:10?
    • ... the King James Bible IS I Corinthians 13:10?
    Is 14:12-17
    Rev 13:3-18
    II Thess 2:9-12
    Eph 4:15
    I Tim 3:15
    I Cor 13:6
    II Tim 3:7,8
    II Tim 4:4
    Jn 8:32
    Jn 16:13
    II Thess 2:13
    aps 145:18
    Jn 18:38
    I Cor 2:7,8
    Acts 19:24-28
    Program #59
  • How Great Thou Art
  • A Passion for Souls
  • If KJB is I Cor 13:10, then is the KJB...
    • God's mouth?
    • Only?
    • Archaic?
    • The Sword of the Spirit?
    • Heb 4 Sword?
    • The Spiritual Operation Sword?
    • Words of Jesus Christ?
    • Sound Doctrine?
    • Paul's Ways?
    • Voice of God?
    • Word of Truth?
    • The Gospel of Your Salvation?
    • The Scriptures?
    I Cor 13:8-13
    Matt 4:4
    Heb 4:12
    Eph 6:17
    Col 2:11,12
    I Tim 6:3
    I Cor 4:17
    Titus 2:1
    I Kings 17:24
    Jer 1:9
    Jer 5:14
    Jer 7:28
    Ps 12:6,7
    II Tim 2:15
    II Tim 3:15,16
    Ps 10:4,5
    Ecc 8:10
    Rev 19:13,15
    Program #60
  • There is a Fountain Filled with Blood
  • Speaking in Tongues Today - Yes?  No?
    What Sayeth the Scriptures!
    • Well hey, Paul got into speaking into tongues... so what's wrong with that today?  Aren't we suppose to follow Paul?
    • What actually are tongues, anyway?
    • I Corinthians 13:10 and tongues?
    • The King James Bible did what to tongues?
    • For those who still think they can speak in tongues - here are the 'rules.'
    • Women keep silence in the churches?  What? 
    • Women learn from their husbands?  Today?  Serious?
    • Why should a woman should be thrilled with her King James Bible and rightly dividing today!
    • So, you think you are spiritual, eh?  Here is the test!
    • Do you want to be ignorant?  Ok!
    I Cor 14
    Acts 2:1-13
    Acts 19:1-8
    Program Description
    Program #61
    The Old Man and the New Man
    • I couldn't get past the old man and the new man today. 
    • We looked at the word 'commandments.'
    • But we now 'officially' beginning that 'subject' that most Christians hate - the WALK.  As few people put many clothes on these days, most 'Christians' put on very little of the new man - it all seems to work the same. 
    • Covering up that flesh and putting on the new man just isn't a popular subject these days. 
    • If people only understood the liberty of Christ instead of abusing and using it... the joy would return - and so would the new man!
    Eph 4:22-24
    II Cor 14:37
    I Thess 4:1,2
    Col 3:9,10
    Rom 6:6
    Gal 6:7-9
    Program #62
  • Praise Him, Praise Him
  • Tis Marvelous and Wonderful
  • Blessed Assurance
  • KJB Exposes Modern Day Hoax
    KJB Answers a 'Puzzler' Question
    • The Shroud of Turin is a hoax!  This is too easy!
    • Why did Jesus tell Mary not to touch Him right after the ''resurrection' but then allowed the disciples to do so?
    • What do 'we' get out of all that?
    John 20:5-7
    John 20:17
    Matt 28:9
    Heb 9:12-17
    Program #63
  • My Redeemer
  • Bring Them In
  • Blessed Be Thy Name
  • 'Believe' Then and Now

    This is what they had to believe in the Gospels vs what we have to believe today through Paul's words.

    Are you a 'believer' or a Christian?
    Rom 5:2
    Gal 3:26
    Eph 1:15
    Col 1:4
    Col 2:5
    Program #64
  • The B-I-B-L-E, Yes That's the Book For Me...
  • Hey, You Dog!

    We look at specific verses (proof in the pudding) that Jesus Himself told the Jews to NOT go to the Gentiles.

    Then, we look as specific verses (proof in the pudding) that Jesus Himself went to the Gentiles (that is you and me!!!) through Paul!

    Matt 10:5-7-18
    Matt 6:31,32
    Matt 12:18
    Matt 15:21-31
    Acts 9:25
    Program #65
  • Heaven Came Down
  • The Love of God
  • The Lord's Supper Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
    • Is I Corinthians 11 really the 'proof' chapter that we still should be doing the "Lord's Supper" today? 
    • And what 'suppers' are still coming - and of those, which one will you be attending? 
    • And the last question - will you be AT supper then or will you BE supper?
    I Cor 11:23-34
    John 13:2
    Rev 19:6-9
    Rev 19:17-18
    Program #66
  • No Never Alone
  • And These Ceremonies / Rituals / Activities:  Yes?  No?
  • What about ordination; laying on of hands; healing as did Paul; covering of the heads men and women today; fastings; washing feet?
  • Ye ole' KJB sure did change things in Christianity today - as did the risen Saviour Himself - and I am sure glad Paul was willing to tell us about these things.
  • Do we want to follow Paul or imitate him?
  • Well - we only get as far as coverings... we will do fastings and washing of feet on Monday.
    Acts 8:14
    Acts 11:12
    Acts 15:27
    Acts 17:10
    Rom 10:15
    I Cor 4:17
    I Thess 3:2
    I Tim 4:14
    I Tim 5:22
    II Tim 4:20
    Acts 8:19
    Rom 2:4
    Rom 11:22
    I Cor 11:4-7
    Acts 11:22
    Acts 15:2,25
    Acts 15:41
    Program Description
    Program #67
  • Blessed Be the Name
  • He Lifted Me
  • God Be With You 'Till We Meet Again
  • Time to Walk As the New Man?
    • Has the time come for you to learn the details about the 'walk' that a Christian should be doing?  If there has been the knowledge and if there is an understanding - then it is time to try to apply some wisdom in our daily lives.
    • It is always 1) knowledge, 2) understanding, 3) wisdom - in that order.  How often do we get those out of order and then get frustrated with others and ourselves!
    • I review those subjects that I have covered in the previous 66 programs - and if there is an understanding with these subjects, then it is time to 'grow-up' as a Christian. 
    • Is it time for you to stop just thinking about the truth of being a Christian - and turn our knowledge and understanding into wisdom?
    • If not, you will certainly crumble at the next programs.  If so, but you are not willing, then you will take heed to doctrines of devils and seducing spirits, etc.
    • Maybe just a review wouldn't hurt for those already 'in the know.'
    • Listen to this program and ask yourself if you understand these subjects now and are ready to move on!
    Eph 4:22-24

    This time,
    can you 
    tell me the Scriptures 
    for these
    in this 

    Program #68
  • Blessed Be the Name
  • He Lifted Me
  • God Be With You 'Till We Meet Again
    • Because of the listener response to the Sunday program and because of the importance of the subject matter of that program, I thought it would be best to replay the Sunday program today.
    • We will be dealing with feet washing and fasting in the Tuesday program, as I said I will do last week.
    Click here for 
    written notes 
    for this 
    Program #69
  • There's a Great Day Coming
  • What a Day That Will Be
  • Prayer and Fasting for Spiritual "Deals" With God Today?
    • This kind can come forth by nothing, but by prayer and fasting.  Is that still a viable way to get God to do things / blessings in your life?
    • Not at all.  If you want to fast for health purposes, etc. that is fine.  But to conquer the devil, etc.?  Not today. 
    • In fact, we don't even need to do that today.  The dispensational differences from the days of the Gospels, Paul's Teachings and the Tribulation are great and obvious! 
    • Take a listen and hear fasting according to Jesus then and Paul for today. 
    • For those of you who have tried prayer and fasting and wondered why 'it didn't work... here is the answer.  And for those who prayed and fasted and saw 'gain,' you had better listen up and see who really blessed your prayer and fasting.
    Matt 17:14-21
    Mark 8:1-3
    Mark 9:14-29
    Luke 2:25-39
    Acts 10:25-33-41
    Program #70
  • And Can It Be
  • Ship Ahoy
  • Finally Finished Up on Fasting...
    • ... but I still didn't get into the foot washing ritual.  Saving that for tomorrow.
    • I did touch on men not touching women, though.  Now that is an archaic teaching, eh!  Well, not really - but you would think so when you see all the hugging going in the churches and in the public 'greeting' world.
    • Does Paul ever tell us to fast?  And if he did, what was he referring to...
    Acts 14:19-27
    Acts 27:33-36
    I Cor 7:1-5
    II Cor 6:5
    II Cor 11:27
    Program #71
  • Grace, Greater Than our Sin
  • Soldiers of Christ Arise
  •  Finally Finished Foot Washing and Loving Everyone 'Or Else!"
    • We actually finished with food washing.
    • We also looked at the standard of loving everyone that folks 'claim' today - but we see the truth of it all. 
    • Amazing what folks think they believe today - but yet they really have no clue to the truth of the application as well as what it actually says; in other words, even IF they were trying to follow what they believe, they would still be 'doing' it wrong anyway.
    Jn 13:1-19
    Jn 13:34,35
    I Jn 2:3,4-11
    I Jn 3:10-17
    Jn 3:16
    Program #72
  • The Great Redeemer
  • A Shelter in a Time of Storm
  • The Coming Shipwrecks in Peoples Lives Today
    Acts 27
    Honest and True Biblical Counseling from Paul - and the Risen Saviour!
    • We look to a fantastic chapter of personal Biblical Counseling that is geared to the following people:
      • 1)  Those whose lives are already a shipwreck and they wonder what their lives would have been like if they had found the teachings of the Risen Saviour through Paul years and years ago.  What would their families be like today, etc.?
      • 2)  Those who think their lives are going fine - but they are beginning to notice those storms of life that are beginning to deal with them 'unfairly' and 'harshly'; they wonder why and what they can do to keep them from personal shipwrecks.
      • 3)  Those whose lives are 'going fine' and they see nothing on the horizon!  These people need to be warned!
      • 4)  Those who understand all of this - and just truly get encouraged by a chapter such as this one!
      • 5)  Those who are living a shipwreck but are able to swim within this perverse world and are of good cheer!
      • 6)  Those who want to learn to swim in this worldly mess and tempestuous storms of life today!
    Acts 27
    Program Description
    Program #73
  • A New Name
  • Work for the Night is Coming
  • Time to Walk As the New Man?
    Ephesians 4:25-32
    • As we begin to look at our 'walk,' we look at going to bed angry... and what comes out of our mouth!
    • We see a reason why we labour - along with the obvious, there is another good reason to having a job.
    • We define 'clamour' and 'malice.'  These are not archaic words; just get a dictionary and expand your vocabulary!
    • We also look at how pastors today are not 'edifying'.  We see that being positive and flattering is not edifying. 
    Eph 4:25-32
    I Thess 5:19
    Program #74
  • Master, the Tempest is Raging
  • A Shelter in the Time of Storm
  • The Coming Shipwrecks in Peoples Lives Today
    Acts 27:1-21
    (In verse by verse detail)
    We touch on:
    • Learning two new words that are not archaic - just learn the definitions: 'entreat' and 'commodious.'  These two words are no where near as archaic and difficult as many of the 'new modern' NIV words...
    • Bible Manuscripts from Alexandria vs Antioch.
    • An official OT fast being past.
    • They Rejected Paul's warnings.
    • Just when folks thought they had achieved their purpose, the tempestuous wind comes into their lives.
    • They try to 'fix' things by letting the ship go on by 'herself' and throwing out the important stuff they 'actually needed' in their life!
    • They lost all hope!
    • Paul steps in and lets them know they should have hearkened unto him!
    Acts 27
    Lev 23:27,28
    Program #75
  • Wonderful Grace of Jesus - Chorus
  • The Light of the World is Jesus
  • Awakening Chorus
  • The Coming Shipwrecks in Peoples Lives Today
    Acts 27:22-44
    (In verse by verse detail)
    • Don't jump the ship - just throw out the correct stuff - and that even includes the 'good' stuff that could still be causing you to sink the ship.
    • Cut loose that worthless 'rescue boat' the world and religion has thrown you! 
    • Stick with the Risen Saviour through Paul - and you will make it!
    • Jump into that KJB, rightly divide the word of truth and follow Paul!
    • Learn how to swim so you don't have to float around and take all the bumps and bruises that come with that helpless float! 
    • Commit yourself to the KJB!  That is the only ship that will not sink!
    Acts 27:22-44
    Ps 119:105,130
    Program #76
  • Such Love
  • Oh the King James Bible is the Word of God
  • Wonderful Words of Life
  • Look and Live
  • Alexandria vs Antioch
    From Which City is Your Bible?
    • Let's take a walk back into history and see where our Bibles came from. 
    • While ALL the modern Bibles of today come from Alexandria, Egypt, only one comes from Antioch, Syria - guess which one that would be!!!
    Gen 12:1-3; 10-12
    Ex 1:11-16
    Ex 20:2
    Deut 17:16
    I Kings 3:1
    I Kings 10:28
    I Kings 11:3-43
    Rev 11:8
    Acts 6:9
    Acts 18:24-28
    Acts 27:6
    Acts 28:11
    Acts 6:3,4
    Acts 11:19-21
    Acts 11:22-30
    Acts 13:1-3
    Acts 14:25-28
    Acts 15:23-27
    Acts 15:40
    Program #77
  • Be Thou Exalted
  •  I Have Some Questions for You and Your Pastor
    • 1)  Why does it bother you so much that I am King James Bible ONLY?
    • 2)  Why does it bother you so much that I am Paul ONLY?
    • Why would God inspire the 'originals' but not 'preserve' them for us?
    • If God preserved the 'originals' in heaven, then wouldn't He be doing that for Himself, but not us?
    • Did Jesus, Paul, etc. deceive the people when he mentioned the Scriptures?
    Why do you get so angry - so bothered?

    More questions tomorrow!

    Too numerous
    to list
    Program #78
  • The Old Account is Settled
  • Joy Unspeakable
  • Blessed Assurance
  • Stand Up For Jesus
  • More Questions for You and Your Pastor
    Why Does it Bother You That I am KJB and Paul Only?

    After a series of questions about why do folks get so upset, we compare I Tim 6:3-6 KJB with an NIV.  We see the Scriptures totally reversed in today's modern bible world.  Was God THAT wrong for 400 years and now has suddenly has got it right?  Tune in and listen for yourself!

    Luke 4:4
    Ps 12:6,7
    I Tim 6:3-6
    Program Description
    Program #79
  • Such Love
  • Oh the King James Bible is the Word of God
  • Wonderful Words of Life

  • Look and Live
     Program # 79 - a replay.

    1) It was a program about Bibles and their 'past' so I thought it would be good to replay it.
    2)  I was beat and just couldn't get a program together - my apologies.  Eph 5 next week - I promise!

    Gen 12:1-3; 10-12
    Ex 1:11-16
    Ex 20:2
    Deut 17:16
    I Kings 3:1
    I Kings 10:28
    I Kings 11:3-43
    Rev 11:8
    Acts 6:9
    Acts 18:24-28
    Acts 27:6
    Acts 28:11
    Acts 6:3,4
    Acts 11:19-21
    Acts 11:22-30
    Acts 13:1-3
    Acts 14:25-28
    Acts 15:23-27
    Acts 15:40
    Program #80
  • I Want That Mountain
  • Power in the Blood
  • There is a Fountain Filled with Blood
  • The Gospels - Go Ahead and Read Them
    But Just Don't...

    1)  Reject them
    2)  Change them
    (in tomorrow's program)
    3)  Teach them as signs, law, your personal testimony
    4)  Follow them
    5)  Ignore them
    6)  Believe on them

    Luke 20:21
    Acts 18:26
    John 1:1-14
    John 6:47
    John 16:16
    John 6:4
    John 1:1
    Matt 4:4
    Luke 4:4
    Matt 25:31
    Matt 8:21
    Mark 10:24
    Mark 2:15
    Jatt 6:33
    Mark 10:21
    Mark 16:9-20
    Luke 2:33
    No program today - technical / computer / frustrations!