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2014 - July Programs - 2014
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Program Description
  •  Little Brown Church in the Vale

  • Wonderful Grace of Jesus
  • We discuss the phrase 'born again' vs being 'quickened' according to Paul.  In the process of that particular study, we see the doctrinal importance of the 'Thee's & Thou's' and 'Ye's & Yea's' found only in King James Bible. 

    We see a fantastic verse the describes a lost person far better than just telling them they going to Hell when they die.  It includes the problems they have right now, while they are alive.

    We also take a closer look at the "faith 'OF' Jesus Christ" vs "faith 'IN' Jesus Christ."

    John 3:7
    Gen 12:2,3
    I Jn 3:9-15
    Eph 2:1,5
    Col 2:13
    Rom 3:3,22
    Gal 2:16,20
    Gal 3:22
    Phil 3:9
    Col 2:12
  •  My Anchor Holds

  • Wonderful Words of Life

  • Oh the KJB...
  •  Do YOU have the Scriptures today?

    Do we err today not knowing the scriptures?
    Did God promise to preserve His words?
    If so, did He?
    If He did, do you have them?
    If He didn't, how do you know 'the truth' - by feelings?
    Is it true: "Truth is better felt than told?" - NO!!!
    Are you ever learning but never able to come to the knowledge of the truth?

     Ps 12:6,7
    Ps 138:2
    Phil 2:9
    Ps 145:18
    II Tim 3:16,17
    Rom 15:4
    Acts 18:28
    Acts 17:2,11
    Matt 4:4
    and more...
  •  Like a River Glorious

  • I Know Whom I Have Believed
  •  We do a quick overview of the entire Bible - from Genesis to Revelation.  This program follows a powerpoint presentation that is available on my website at www.scatteredchristians.org or write to me and I will send you the copy of the chart.  Here is a complete understanding of the Scriptures from the beginning to the new beginning.  A marvelous study that is available to anyone free of charge, of course.
     Too many to list.
     Stars and Stripes Forever
    We look at the glorious liberty in Christ and see how it is applied to us today. Yes, all things are lawful... but does that mean we can 'do anything we want' because God loves us now? 

    The Scriptures tell us that there are five strings attached to our liberty - the results of which will be judged at the judgment seat of Christ. 

    We also must not forget there are those preachers and pastors, etc. that will do all they can to preach us back into bondage and away from that glorious liberty - an other element of God's goodness that should bring repentance.

    II Cor 3:17
    Gal 5:1
    I Cor 6:12
    I Cor 10:23
    Rom 10:4
    Gal 2:19
    Rom 4:15; 5:13; 
    Rom 6:22; 8:2
    Gal 5:13
    Rom 14:19-22
    Gal 2;4; 4:3, 9
     Program Description
    Honey in the Rock
    We look at two of the greatest chapters of which to have an understanding:  Ephesians 2,3.  If you have listened and learned from the previous programs, these two chapters may make even more sense to you now.  We also look at Ephesians 4 and Colossians 1.  The goodness of God surely does shine greatly within these chapters.
    Eph 2-4
    Col. 1
    Rom 7:20-25
  •  Onward Christian Soldiers

  • One Day
  • Today, we begin to show salvation 'rightly divided.'  We look at OT salvation, especially the salvation offered to the Jews during the days of the Gospel when Jesus walked the earth. 

    We can NOT go to these books, as great as they are, for our salvation today.  What is being talked about in John concerning 'believing' is 'not quite the same' that what we have today from the Risen Saviour. 

    We also look at what salvation will be during the Tribulation.  The same writers who wrote the gospels also wrote the books for the Tribulation!  How can that be?  Listen in - this is so 'the goodness of God' to be able to understand this important topic of salvation yesterday, today and tomorrow.  They are not quite the same!  Make sure you have the 'right one' TO you today!

     Hab 2:4b
    Rom 3:28,22; 5:1
    Matt 4:3,6; 
    Matt 26:63; 27:40
    Mark 3:11
    Luke 22:70
    Jn 11:27
    Jn 20:31
    Acts 8:37*
    Acts 9:20
    I Jn 4:15
    I Jn 5:5,10
    I Jn 5:13,20
    Rev 14:6,7,12
  • At the Cross

  • Pearly White City
  • We continue where we left off yesterday by now looking at what Paul has to say about NT salvation - truly the goodness of God today - TO us today!

    This is OUR salvation today!

     Lost? - Ephesians 2:12
    Saved? - Rom 3:28; 4:5,24; 5:1,2; 6:17,18; 8:1-2,9,10; 10:9-10,13,17; 12:3; 3:15; 
    I Cor 15:1-8, 11-17; 
    II Cor; 5:17-21; 
    Gal 2:16,20,21; 
    Gal 3:11,22-29; 5:6; 
    Eph 1:12-15; 2:5-9-133; 
    Eph 3:1,2,12,17 
    Col 1:11-14; 2:11-12; 
    I Thess 1:8-10; 2:13-16; 3:2,5,7-8; 
    II Thess 2:13; 
    I Tim 1:14-16; 
    I Tim 2:4-6; 4:10
    II Tim 1:9-10,13,14; 
    II Tim 2:11; 3:15; 
    Titus 3:5-7
  •  Our Great Saviour

  • Saved, Saved, Saved
  •  Let's look today at so many call the 'rapture.'
    Is it true - will it happen - when - why?

    Yes, don't give up your comfort and hope - the 'rapture' as it is often called will take place.  Let's learn more about it today - we can learn much more than is being taught in most pulpits today!

     I Thess 4:13-18
    Rom 11:12
    Rom 12:25
    Rom 11:22
  •  Stand Up For Jesus

  • When I See the Blood
  • Where is God's judgment today? 

    Do you wonder if people do not see the judgment of God, what will they believe about God?

    We look at two judgments - one for the Christian's works and one for the lost person.

    We also learn why there is 'appears' to be no judgment from God today - but it is coming! 

    Learn the details here!

     Eph 1:2
    Eph 2:1,5
    Col 2:13
    Rom 8:1,2; 5-7, 
    Rom 8:7-10, 13,14
    Rom 2:16
    II Cor 5:10
    I Cor 3:10-15
    Rev 20:11-15
     Program Description
  •  Faith if the Victory
  • No Disappointment in Heaven
  • Come and Dine
  • In the Garden
  • In My Heart There Rings a Melody
  •  How and why did Paul come into the scene?
    What really happened on that 'road'?
    What are the details of Paul's original commission?
    What are the benefits of  ' following' Paul?
     Eph 1:3, 3:8
    Rom 11:11,14
    I Cor 11:1
    Phil 4:9
    I Thess 4:1
    Acts 9:1-22
    Acts 26:12-23
    Acts 22:21
  •  Count Your Blessings
  • Because of the recent news dealing with Israel and their war, etc. we are going to make a sudden change in subject for a few days.  Let's look at today's Israel and their conflict they are having 'again.' 

    How and where did this all get started?  What do the Scriptures say about this 'war'?  What about the blessing from Israel preachers talk about in the news.

    Ever heard of the term 'imputation?'  You will here.

    Are we blessed when we bless Israel and cursed when we don't?  Why is a truthful awareness and understanding about Israel so important to us today?

    Gal 3:6-14
    Gen 12:1-3
    Gen 16:1-12
    Rom 11:22
    Rom 4:4-8
    Rom 4:15-25
  •  All Hail Emmanuel
  • Crown Him With Many Crowns
  • Cleansing Wave
  • Church in the Wyldewood
  • More on Israel today.
    What is the status of Israel with God today?
    Not knowing 'what' about Israel makes someone a modern conceited Christian today?
    What is the real 'blessing' we get from the Jews today?
    What will 'set off' the rapture?
    ...and more... on Israel vs Gentiles!
    Romans 9
    Romans 11
  •  Heaven Came Down

  • Until Then
  •  We get back onto the Monday trail as we look more into the benefits of following Paul's purposes in our lives.  We look at who Paul is - our ONLY apostle and how God called him into that office.

    We also look at a few battles that Paul had that we also can have today if one chooses to follow the teachings of the RISEN SAVIOUR through Paul in a King James Bible. 

    We finish with a quick look at the 'way of God' as Jesus taught it to the Jews and how Paul teaches of the 'way of God more perfectly' to the Gentiles.

    Fascinating stuff, wouldn't you agree!

     Rom 1:1; 11:13
    Rom 16:25
    I Cor 1:1; 11:1
    II Cor 1:1
    Gal 1:1
    Eph 1:1
    I Tim 1:1
    I Tm 2:7
    II Tim 1:11
    II Tim 4:14-17
    Acts 26:24,25
    Acts 23:11-15
    Matt 22:16
    Luke 20:21
    Mark 12:14
    Acts 18:26


  •  Soldiers of Christ, Arise!

  • Such Love
  • We look at the scriptures that tell us when the risen Saviour met with Paul face to face - thus qualifying Paul to be an apostle.  Those were the times when Paul was told what to tell us about the goodness of God and how God's goodness, not severity, should lead us to repentance.

    We also looked at a number of verses that spoke to us about following Paul

    We finished the program with a simple explanation about when Paul wrote his books - all fitting within the book of Acts, thus even helping explain many questions that arise while one reads about Paul's life and doctrine as you read the book of Acts.

    I also gave folks a short 'assignment' on what to read when you want the general facts about how Paul's ministry got started and his personal testimony to the Jews as well as to King Agrippa.

    Oh - and we also mentioned the difference between being being "dead in sins' and "dead to sin."

    My, we sure do cover alot of scriptural territory in 28 minutes, eh!

    Oh, and did I mention we touched on the simple way to get a an understanding in all things?  Well, we did touch on it - just enough to 'get it,' if you want it!

    II Cor 11:1-4; 
    II Cor 11:13-15
    II Tim 4:14
    Gal 1:6-12; 15,16
    Acts 9:1-22
    Acts 20:24
    Acts 26:15,16
    I Cor 15:8
    II Cor 12:1-7
    Eph 3:1-4-12
    Acts 9:15
    Acts 28:28-31
    Rom 16:25,26
    Eph 6:19,20
    Phil 3:17
    Phil 4:9
    Col 2:1,2
    I Tim 1:15,16
    II Tim 1:8-11
    II Tim 2:7
     Program Description
  •  Sweet Hour of Prayer

  • Singing I Go

  • Sands of Time Are Sinking
  • Let's take a close scriptural look at prayer.  Today we look at introductory verses dealing with prayer:
  • Does rightly dividing play an important part in prayer or can we just 'talk to God'? 
  • Can our prayers truly be hindered just because someone has a problem with his wife? 
  • Is church supposed be called a 'house of prayer'? 
  • Does 'fasting' work today? 
  • What about praying for the sick, etc.? 
  • Do I really need to say, "In Jesus name!", etc?
  • When my plane is about to crash, does it help to recite the Lord's Prayer on the way down? 
  • What about an all night prayer meeting- is there power in numbers? 
  • Does II Chronicles 7:14 work today? 
  • What about Jabez's prayer
  • Does the risen Saviour teach prayer differently to the Gentiles compared to the the Jews
  • If the Spirt makes intercession for us, why should I even pray at all? 
  • What about all my unanswered prayers - is that really my fault?
  • Here we go for this week!
    - Learning how to pray as we ought! -
     Rom 8:26
    Matt 21:13, 22; 
    Mark 6:9; 23:14
    Mark 9:29
    Luke 6:12
    Acts 1:14; 2:42
    James 5:14-16
    I Peter 3:7.12; 4:7
    I Cor 13:41
    Eph 4:14
     Sweet Hour of Prayer
    More on following Paul's own prayer life pattern:

  • We looked at how 'often' Paul prayed for his people.
  • We looked at how often we should pray and for whom.
  • We read how to pray for your pastor - IF he is preaching the mystery of Christ, etc.
  • We look at the selfish 'bogusness' of Jabez's prayer today.
  •  Rom 1:9
    I Cor 1:4
    Eph 1:15,16
    Phil 1:3,4
    Col 1:3,9a
    I Thess 1:2
    II Thess 1:3
    II Tim 1:3
    Philemon 4
  •  Sweet Hour of Prayer

  • I am Resolved
  • Today, we look at exactly what Paul prayed when he prayed for his people - and for US TODAY!
  • This is a listing of exactly what we can be praying for our family, friends, etc. 
  • This is well beyond the materialistic things we tend to pray for - if we aren't even too busy to pray in the first place.
  • Then, for those 'in the know,' have any of these prayers been answered in your own life?
  •  I Cor 1:3-7
    II Cor 1:7
    Eph 1:16-20
    Eph 3:14-19
    Philip 1:9-11
    Col 1:9-12
    Col 4:12
    I Thess 3:10
    II Thess 1:11,12
    I Tim 2:1-3
    Eph 3:20,21
  •  Sweet Hour of Prayer

  • All Hail the Power

  • Bring Them In
  • We take a close look at  some well known OT prayers and put the rightly dividing truth of prayer to these prayers of Jabez, Nehemiah, the "Lord's Prayer" and Stephen's prayer.
     Rom 15:4
    I Chron 4:9,10
    Nehemiah 1:2:1-5
    Matt 6:5-15
    Acts 7:51-60
  •  Sweet Hour of Prayer

  • Jesus Saves

  • Master, the Tempest is Raging
  • We take a rightly divided look at Jesus' last prayer before He is arrested.  You know, the one in which the disciples fell asleep.  They missed a great prayer!
  • We see how this is ALL referring to the Jews and takes place just before the Great Commission - NOT anything is 'to' us in that prayer. 
  • However, there are a number of great things we can learn from this prayer.  I greatly enjoyed teaching this program today!
  •  John 17
     Program Description
    July 27
  • All Hail the Power

  • Like a River Glorious

  • I Know the Bible is True

  • Home Sweet Home
  • We will be going through the book of Ephesians - one chapter at a time for the next 5 Sundays. 

    Ephesians is a marvelously encouraging book.  We look at the truth concerning 'predestination and election'; the fulness of times; a great verse on salvation; being sealed; one of Paul's prayers for us; along with a few other comments.

    In order to continue to grow in one's understanding and joy of the book of Ephesians, I recommend you read the book over and over.  Each time, you will get a better understanding of what is said in those various chapters.

    Ephesians 1
    July 28
  •  Pearly White City

  • There's a Great Day Coming
  • We start this week by looking at Revelation 6 and 19 - which chapter belong to the coming of the antichrist and which one belongs to the coming of the Real Risen Saviour?
  • We consider 'imitations' and how they all are following the "great imitator" - Satan.
  • The Book of Revelation is NOT a hard book to understand, 'if' it is read like one reads the gospels.  The Gospels give four accounts of the first coming of Jesus and the Book of Revelation gives four accounts of the second coming of Jesus Christ.
  • Oh - P.S. - No, the body of Christ will NOT have to go through the tribulation.  We are not the ones who have to 'endure to the end' like modern pastors preach today!
  •  Revelation 6
    Revelation 19
    Isaiah 14:12-17
    Acts 7:55
    Matt 24:24
    Rev 16:13,14
    II Thess 2:3-12
    II Cor 11:1-4
    July 29
  •  Redeemed

  • When We See Christ

  • Whispering Hope
  • We continue what we started on Monday, that is, comparing in detail Revelation chapter 6 with Revelation chapter 19

  • We see the differences, not the similarities of the coming of the antichrist and the coming of the real Christ - the Word of God.

  • We also look at a few details of the work of the antichrist during the tribulation.

  • What is the desire of women that the antichrist will not regard and has been destroying little by little in America as well as the world?  Put your seatbelts on for this one, ladies!  You have been 'had' by the subtle work of the devil; sadly, we men allowed it to take place, too!
  •  Revelation 6
    Revelation 19
    Daniel 11:21-24; 27-29,35; 36-37; 38
    Daniel 12:4,9,10
    Gen 3:16
    Amos 8:11-13
    Rev 14:6-12
    July 30
  • When I See the Blood

  • Awakening Chorus

  • Christ Arose
  •  Miracles, Signs and Wonders Today

  • Does God still work through miracles, signs and wonders today?  After all, how can things such as these be from anyone other than God?
  • And besides, Paul did them too, didn't he?
  • What?  You are saying that the devil is behind all these wonderful signs and miracles today
  • Take a close listen and see what conclusion you come up with.  Again, we see an amazingly simple understanding by simple reading and simple 'rightly dividing' the KJB.
  • Do you follow signs?  Are you interested in the kingdom of heaven?  Do you follow your church teachings, pastor, etc. instead of the KJB?
  • Is your 'final authority' your church - denomination - your pastor - your feelings?
  • What happened to the Protestant Reformation?  Does it no longer exist?  Wasn't "Sola Scriptura" the big issue then?  Why isn't it still the issue today - or is it still?
  •  Rom 15:4
    Mat 24:24
    Mark 13:22
    John 4:48
    Acts 2:14-22; 43
    Joel 2:28-32
    Acts 5:12; 6:8; 7:36
    Hebrews 2:4
    Rev 13:13
    July 31
    Never Alone
    More on Miracles, Signs and Wonders Today

    We look in more detail towards the verses that talk about miracles and signs today.  We even see that God wrought special miracles by the hands of Paul, too.  How can that be?  The answer is simple and sensible, too!  

    We do take a few extra bunny trails, as well, that deal with some very interesting observations and comments.  

    So why does Paul deal with miracles too?  Remember - in the first part of Paul's ministry, Jews were included.  Listen in and hear more about this question!

    So if you are seeing any signs of miracles and wonders today, who is actually behind them?

    And he is preparing the 'modern Christian' for what?

    John 2:11, 23; 3:2; 6:2
    6:53-60; 6:26; 12:37
    Acts 2:22; 6:8; 8:6.13
    Mat 16:3; 24:24
    Mark 16:20
    Luke 21:11, 25
    John 4:48
    John 20:20
    I Cor 1:22
    I Cor 14:22
    Acts 19:11
    Acts 14:3; 15:2
    Romans 15:19
    II Cor 12:12
    II Thes 2:9