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2014 - December - 2014
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Program Summary 
and Description
KJB Scriptures 
Program #131
  • Work for the Night is Coming
  • How To have Fun During the Tribulation
    Introduction and Part I
    • We are going to be looking at some scriptures that give you a 'heads-up' on how much fun you can have during the Tribulation 'being' the Christian you think you will be then.
    • Wait - most of that stuff is already taking place in your 'religion.'  My, won't you just have a great time.  Your pastor is helping by getting you all practiced up for that great time of following the (anti) christ that will come down!
    • Listen to this series and hear how exciting it will be for you!  "Have fun stormin' the castle!"
    Jude 3,4
    Heb 13:9
    II Tim 3:10
    Rev 8:7-12
    Rev 16:8,21
    Eph 1:13
    I Pt 3:21
    Acts 2:38
    I Pt 2:21-23
    I Pt 4:13,14
    II Thess 2:13
    I Pt 3:1-4
    II Pt 1:5-6
    I Cor 13:12,13
    Program #132
  • Onward Christian Soldiers (Band)
  • How To have Fun During the Tribulation
    Part II
    • You can keep speaking evil of the truth - with no hassle!
    • You will have shorter days!
    • Jews can look to God instead of the Gentiles!
    • You can pick your own christ from among many - to scratch those itching ears!
    • You will be able to meet Moses and Elijah!
    • You can use the phrase 'born again' again!
    • You won't dare let anyone into your home that teaches other 'persuasions, etc.  You can be free of those pesky pests - and you won't have to feel guilty for not witnessing to them - or for not being able to stand up to them scripturally!
    • You won't have to tell people, "God bless you!" when they sneeze or are having a bad day themselves.
    • You can have that inner understanding, the anointing, the unction because the KJB will be gone!
    • You will have that opportunity to be holy again!
    • You won't have to hear about the King James Bible anymore!
    • You will feel loved by God as He will be chastising his own!
    • IF you are truly one of his - otherwise, you will be following the antichrist and his doctrine!
    • You just might find yourself on the wrong side of the final battle in Rev 19!
    • So like I said yesterday, "Have fun "stormin' the castle!"
    II Pt 2:1,2
    Matt 24:22
    I Pt 4:1-5
    Rom 11:11
    Matt 24:23-26
    Rev 11:3
    I Jn 2:29
    I Pt 1:23
    II Jn 10,11
    I Jn 5:20
    I Jn 2:27
    I Pt 1:16
    I Jn 5:14,15
    Amos 8:11-13
    II Pt 3:15-16
    Heb 12:5-11
    Program #133
      I was not able to get a program together for this morning, so just sit back and enjoy the clean simpleness of the music / the words of the hymns and thoughtful meditative process that can go on in your mind and heart.  Put your feet and 'flesh' aside for this music - and enjoy the music that pleases God because of the truth that is represented within.

    My Saviour's Love; Are You Washed in the Blood; Oh, I Want to See Him; I Need Thee Every Hour; Lord, I'm Coming Home; Burdens are Lifted; Take Time to Be Holy; Faith is the Victory; My Jesus I Love Thee; Honey in the Rock; Like a River Glorious; My Home Sweet Home; When We All Get to Heaven; Under His Wings; When We See Christ; One Day

    Program #134
  • Blessed Redeemer
  • How To have Fun During the Tribulation
    Blast from the 'Recent Past'
    (in other words, this is just a replay)
    Program Summary 
    and Description
    KJB Scriptures 
    Blast from the 'Recent Past'
    (in other words, this is just a replay)
    Program #135
    Learn About the Tribulation in Detail
    • For those who are living tribulation doctrine today, listen up and wise up.
    • You are being deceived. 
    • You are hearing false doctrine being taught TO you for today. 
    If you like what you hear today from your pastor, then I suggest you prepare for one of two things: 
    1) Hell for eternity, if you die soon.
    2) The Tribulation, if you don't die before the global agenda becomes the official agenda.
    • Listen to this program to find out about the Tribulation as that is the next 'party' for which ya'll are being prepped.
    • You think you are having 'sorrows' now?  Just wait!  This is just the beginning!
    • You will HAVE to 'love the brethren' - no matter what - or you lose your salvation!
    • You will NOT EVEN RECOGNIZE the true Saviour when He does come in Rev 19.  You already don't recognize the Word of God today - and you won't then, either!
    Matt 24:6-8
    Mark 13:8
    Rev 3:10
    I Thess 5:9
    II Cor 5:11
    I Jn 2:9-11
    I Jn 3:14-17
    I Jn 4:11-13
    I Pt 1:22
    II Thes 3:6-15
    I Cor 5:9-13
    Program #136
  • Sweet By and By (Piano)
  • Learn More About the Tribulation in Detail
    • For those who are living tribulation doctrine today, listen up and wise up.
    • You are being deceived.
    • You are hearing false doctrine being taught TO you for today.
    • You will HAVE to obey your pastor!
    • You will HAVE to love and follow peace with ALL men - or you won't see the see the Lord!
    • You will HAVE to have a holy daily manner of life.
    Heb 13:7,17
    I Pt 5:3
    I Thess 5:12,13
    I Tim 4:6
    II Tim 4:2
    Program #137
  • Where You'll Never Grow Old
  • Learn Even More About the 
    Tribulation in Detail
    • For those who are living tribulation doctrine today, listen up and wise up.
    • You are being deceived.

    • You are hearing false doctrine being taught TO you for today.
    • You will have a DIFFERENT assurance of salvation!
    • You will HAVE to have the Spirit of God upon your flesh!
    • You will HAVE to stay on the straight path!
    • You WILL NEED to have an advocate!
    • Your salvation is DIFFERENT than it is today!
    • You will truly HAVE to confess your sins - and not miss a single one!
    • You will HAVE to know certain things differently than today!
    • You will REALLY suffer!
    • You will have to 'beg for grace' and then it won't be there for you until Christ arrives - and remember, you might not even know Him when He does come!
    • You will HAVE to have the same grace for others as you will want for yourself!
    I Jn 2:3-5
    I Jn 3:17-19
    I Jn 3:22-24
    Acts 2:16-18
    I Jn 3:7-9
    Heb 12:11-14
    Rev 3:19
    I Jn 2:1
    Rev 14:6,7
    I Jn 3:22
    I Jn 4:15
    I Jn 5:1-5
    II Pt 3:14
    I Jn 1:9
    Ja 2:10
    Heb 10:30
    Ja 2:20
    Ja 4:4
    Ja 5:20
    I n 2:3-5
    I Jn 2:18
    I Jn 3:14
    I jn 3:15
    I Jn 5:15
    I Jn 5:18
    Rev 16:6
    Rev 12:11
    I Pt 2:20,21
    I Pt 3:14,17
    I Pt 4:12,13,19
    I Pt 5:10
    I Pt 1:13
    Heb 4:16
    I Pt 5:5
    Heb 12:15
    Heb 12:28
    Heb 13:9
    I Pt 4:10
    II Pet 3:18
    Program #138
    by George Frideric Handel
    • We are going to take a detailed look at what is considered the most magnificent work of music ever written as well as one of the most magnificent Scriptural works you will ever find. 
    • Today, we here the introduction about how it came to be written after a pastor named Charles Jennens gave a list of Scriptures he wanted put to music.  These were King James Bible verses, of course.
    Program #139
    by George Frideric Handel

    We look at the general outline as well as the scripture references to this magnificent work of music.

    Program Summary 
    and Description
    KJB Scriptures 
    Program #140
    by George Frideric Handel

    In place of the Sunday study of Ephesians, because of my over-booked schedule these days, I will do the Sunday program on Monday morning.

    Today, we listen to the Messiah Scriptures themselves.

    Program #141
    Ephesians 6:5-9
    Servants and Masters
    Christians in the Workplace
    • What is the way a Christian should 'be' at work!
    • What should a 'Christian boss' be like to work for?
    • Are we slaves at work?
    • Are we slaves to Christ?
    • Is Paul my slave?
    • Are we a slave to the control of righteousness?
    • Does this pertain to women in the work place?
    • What?  Women shouldn't be working outside the home?
    • Is this another reason for you ladies to hate a KJB?
    • What if a woman IS working outside the home?
    • What if a woman HAS to work outside the home?
    • What is the 'real reason' kids are the way they are today?
    • Does mom being home secure a child growing up correctly?
    • Will a woman be rewarded in her judgment seat of Christ because she was such a good Christian at work?
    • Isn't Proverbs 31 the goal for a woman today?
    • Does anyone know what kind of Christian you should be at work, regardless of whether or not you are a man or woman?
    • How does a woman blaspheme God today?
    • How does a man blaspheme God today?
    • Bonus:  www = 666?
    • How does a cover of an NIV block out Paul's books?
    Eph 6:5-9
    Rom 6:18-22
    Gal 4:7
    Col 4:1
    I Tim 6:1-3-5
    Titus 2:9,10
    I Tim 5:14,15
    Titus 2:3-5
    Program #142
     Odds and Ends
    • Salvation Army today?
      • Who started it?
      • What did he preach?
      • Is it the same today?
    • "Ho Ho Ho" - where does that come from?
    • If you are big on saying grace before you eat - are you forgetting something?
    • Who is "dead to sin" vs "dead to sins"?
    • If the law has been "fulfilled", then why still be concerned about the beatitudes today?
    • "Sorrow" at funerals - those folks truly have no comfort and no hope, even though they are hopping!
    • What is a 'guardian-redeemer'?
    • The "rapture" - is it no longer comforting words to your itching ears; have you given up?
    • What is having 'no hope'?
    Rom 6:2
    I Pt 2:24
    I Tim 4:1-5
    Zech 2:6
    Matt 5:18
    Heb 6:10
    I Thes 4:13-18
    Rom 11:22
    Program #143
    Paul's Manner of Life for Us Towards "Others"
    • It isn't just 'what' we do that is important as a sincere Christian; it is also 'how' we do what we do.
    • Knowing that the risen Saviour tells us to follow Paul as our wise masterbuilder and that we should take heed in how we buildeth thereupon, then let us look to Paul's manner of life as our material to build thereupon.
    • Let's not try to 'imitate' Paul's life, as the modern bibles say, but let's look to the scriptures to see how we are to follow Paul's manner of life.
    This is a summary of a bible study that is taken from 24 sermons that are available on line starting with June 5, 2011.  Each sermon has written notes but I suggest you do your own search for these points. 

    You can find the outline notes for this program at:

    You will see that this is the stuff that you will need to have known for your judgment seat 'final exam.'

    Rom 2:16
    I Thes 1:9
    II Tim 3:10
    Program #144
  •  Come Ye Sinners Poor and Needy
  • Changes in Today's Modern King James Bible

    Is just 'any' KJB good enough?  Nope - Why would you let your enemy print your Bible?  Israel learned their lesson - can you?

    The teachings listed within this particular morning program will be required belief in order to endure to the end of the Tribulation.

    The Apocrypha

    Here are a few reasons why it NEVER WAS and is NOT NOW part of the KJB Scriptures!
    I Sam 13:19-22
    Amos 8:11-13
     'a blast from the recent past #143"
    I am swamped as I am preparing my school music program for Thursday evening.
    Program Summary 
    and Description
    KJB Scriptures 
    Program #145
  • Glory to His Name
  • Some Golden Daybreak
  • God Leads Us Along
  • Bring Them In
  • Ephesians 6:10-24
    (conclusion to our Sunday quick study of Ephesians)
    The Real Armour of God

    Re-learn about the Armour of God - and that each item is from Him - there is nothing you can do to 'create' God's armour He has for those who trust Him.  He has it available for anyone to put on, but we must just remember, it is all HIS armour.


    Eph 6:10-24
    Program #146
  • Wonderful Grace of Jesus
  • Celebrating Christmas as a Sincere Christian

    If you take heed to following the fable of Christmas:
    1) Does Christmas have power over you?
    2) Is Christmas just another opportunity to be used for an occasion to the flesh?
    3.  Does celebrating Christmas edify the body of Christ?
    4.  Does it cause others to stumble?
    5.  Do we 'take a stand' or live with grace?
    6. Should we 'celebrate' Christmas?
    7.  Should we participate?
    8.  Do we 'do' Christmas?
    9.  Do we 'partake' in Christmas?
    10.  Is the truth of Christmas something you will learn as you grow in Christ?
    11. Is Christmas an exercise of grace for you?
    12. Did God give us 'Christmas' for us to enjoy?
    13.  Can we magnify the risen Saviour by 'doing Christmas?
    14. Is Christmas a work of darkness?
    15.  Does not 'celebrating Christmas' destroy the work of God in other people's lives?
    16.  Does celebrating Christmas destroy the work of God in other people's lives?

    and a few more pertinent questions to challenge you...

    I Tim 1:3,4
    I Cor 6:12
    Gal 5:1
    Phil 1:9,10
    Eph 2:7
    I Tim 6:17
    Phil 1:18
    Eph 5:9-11
    Eph 4:25
    Gal 5:13
    Gal 5:7-18
    I Cor 10:23
    II Cor 12:19
    Jer 10:1-6
    Rev 11:10
    Col 2:8
    Rom 14:5-12
    Rom 14:19
    Phil 1:15-18
    Rom 14:19-22
    Rom 15:1
    Program #147
    • Onward Christian Soldiers
    • Great Is Thy Faithfulness
    • Ivory Palaces
    • Great Is Thy Faithfulness - reprise
    • Beyond the Sunset
    • Victory Ahead
    Final Program
    The Way People Thought of Paul Then 
    is the Same Way Most People Think of Paul Today!

    Many clave unto Paul - believed - were glad -they glorified the word of the Lord!
    Others persecuted Paul - tried to kill Paul - made others minds evil affected - accused him of being a setter forth of strange gods - called him a babbler - were full of wrath - were confused and some even created a conspiracy to kill Paul, just like the pastors all over the country today try to do!

    Which side are you on?

    Which Jesus do you learn from?  The Old Testamen/Gospels earthly Jesus speaking to the Jews or the risen Jesus Christ who went to Paul and sent him to us as Gentiles?

    Everybody's heart today seem to be similiar to Acts 28:23-31.
    Is yours?

    Acts 19:25-29
    Acts 17:18-21
    Acts 17:32-34
    Acts 23:13
    Acts 26:16-20
    Acts 26:23-31
    Acts 28:12-15
    Acts 23:12-15
    Rom 2:4
    Rom 11:22