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2014 - August - 2014
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Program Description
  •  Surely Goodness and Mercy
  • One Day
  •  Kingdom of Heaven
    Kingdom of God

    A virtually unheard of teaching yet so simply obvious in its basic explanation.  The whole Bible is about a 'throne,' a king and a kingdom.  It is a fascinating awareness and understanding about these kingdoms of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

    It helps "rightly dividing" make complete sense.  One kingdom is an earthly physical kingdom while the other is a spiritual kingdom.  Don't let the word 'heaven' trick you into thinking the wrong kingdom for today!

  • So which one do we live in today?
  • Which one did Paul preach?
  • Was there ever a time on this earth where neither existed?
  • Will there ever be a time when neither kingdoms will exist.
  • Was there ever a time when they both existed?
  • Will there ever be a time when they both will exist?
  • Is 14:12-14
    John 18:36
    Rev 11:15
    Rom 14:17
    Gen 1-5
    Jer 22:28-30
    Mat 3:2; 4:17
    Mat 5:3; 5:10
    Mark 1:14,15; 4:11
    Program Description
    Program #31
  •  Solid Rock
  • Victory in Jesus
  • Until Then
  • Springs of Living Water
  •  The Book of Ephesians
    chapter 2:1-12
  • We look at a detailed and in depth look at what a lost person really is.  It isn't just that he isn't saved - there is more!
  • We see our purpose as a Christian!
  • There are few bunny trails, such as: the image of God comment made by so many today when in all actuality, we are made in the image / likeness of Adam - in his fallen image!
  • We see the other names of the devil!
  • And I do throw in a few comments concerning the war going on today dealing with Israel and Hamas.
  • Ephesians 2:1-12 
    Program #32
  •  Old Account
  • The Bible Stands
  • Who is this guy, Mikel Paulson?

    I don't usually say much about myself, but for this time, and this time only, you can hear a little bit about me in this program. 

    I hopped onto the King James Bible a long time ago - and haven't gotten off yet - many have tried to get me off, but to no avail!  I have to say, it has been quite the ride, too, believe me!  There is nothing that comes close to this ride. 

    Jump on with me - it's a great ride - all takes is a little faith in God's promise to preserve His words, and the rest is more than you can ever imagine.  All you have to do is read, rightly divide, believe what you read and hang on!

     I Cor 1:17-21;
    I Cor 27-31; 2:1-8
    II Tim 1:8
    Rom 16:25
    Program #33
  •  A New Name Written Down in Heaven
  • I Know Whom I Have Believed
  • Onward Christians Soldiers
  • "Church" & 'The Church'
  • What does God want 'church' to be in our lives?
  • What is going on with all these new 'odd' names for church?
  • When did the 'church' really begin - seriously!?
  • What is 'the church'?
  • Is there such thing as a universal church?
  •  Mat 16:13-20
    John 6:44,65; 14:6
    John 17:6,9,11,24
    Program #34
  •  On Higher Ground
  • Crown Him with Many Crowns
  •  'The Early Church'

    This morning, we look at the 'early' church in Acts 2 and see that is the pattern that most 'churches' follow today. you can read the 'details' of why today's churches follow Peter's way - to have favour with all the people as they follow the apostles doctrine - NOT Paul's, as they are suppose to be doing today.

    It may see like it is working today, but according to the Scriptures, it is not God blessing the churches - it is either the devil prepping for his coming in Revelation 6 or it is just rich folks funding the fun churches today.

     I Cor 10:32
    Eph 2:20
    Acts 2:36-40
    Acts 2:41-47
    Program #35
  •  All I Need
  • Onward Christian Soldiers
  • The Gentile Church Today - the Body of Christ - US!
  • So what is 'the church' actually referring to?
  • What does it mean when the scriptures say, "the body of Christ?" 
  • Does the "the church" / the "church of God" begin after - or before - Paul comes onto the scene?
  • Where do we get in on 'the church' today?
  •  Eph 4
    Col 1:24
    Eph 1:22
    Eph 5:23-32
    Gal 1:13
    Acts 26:9-11
    I Cor 15:9
    Rom 16:7
    Rom 7:1
    Rom 8:1,2,39
    Rom 12:15
    Program #36
  •  To God Be the Glory
  • And Can It Be
  • Face to Face
  •  Today's Gentile Church Design

    What should take place in the local church today?
    What should the goals / objectives be in the local church today?
    What should a person be able to get out of his church?
    Is I Tim 3:15 referring to a local church's final authority in one's life?

     Gal 1:1,2
    Acts 16:5
    II Thess 1:3,4
    II Cor 8:16-19
    I Cor 14:33
    I Tim 3:15
    Eph 4:11-24
    Program Description
    Program #37
  •  Church in the Vale
  • Glory to His Name

    (Bob Harris - vocal)

  • Jesus Loves Me
  •  The Book of Ephesians
    chapter 2:13-22

    But now in Christ Jesus... How does God 'fix' the enmity between the Jews and the Gentiles?  How are we reconciled to God?  Christ is really putting something 'great' together!  Read what it is!

    Take note: the 'blood' of Christ is taken out of the modern bibles today!  'Nigh' is changed to 'near.'  Why do they do that?  "The love of money..."

     Eph 2:13-22
    Rom 9:22-33
    Rom 11:1,11,
    Rom 11:22,25,28
    Eph 1:7
    Col 1:14
    Phil 4:9
    Phil 4:7
    Col 3:15
    Rom 5:1
    Rom 1:7
    II Cor 1:2
    Gal 1:3
    I Cor 3:10,11
    Program #38
  •  The Comforter Has Come
  • Grace Greater Than Our Sin
  • All the Way My Saviour Leads Me
  • Onward Christian Soldiers
  • More on Today's Gentile Church Design

    We look, in scriptural detail, the perfecting of the saints, the work of the ministry and the edifying the body of Christ.

    Those are the tree basic 'goals' and 'objectives' of what your local that you attend should be following.

    If they are not, then you are following the mind and world of the lost person. 

    Eph 4:12
    II Cor 13:11
    Gal 3:3
    Col 1:28
    Phil 3:12,15
    Col 4:12
    I Thess 3:10
    II Tim 3:17
    I Cor 3:10-15 
    Rom 2:16
    Rom 14:19
    I Cor 10:23
    I Thess 5:11
    Program #39
  •  Standing on the Promises
  • Bring Them In
  • Jesus Is Coming Again
  • Hide You In the Blood
  • Even More on Today's Gentile Church Design
    • Today, we continue to look at the design of the local Gentile church as we look to what is the 'unity of the faith.'
    • We are NOT looking at our faith, etc. but at what 'the faith' is always referring to.
     Acts 13:8; 14:22; 
    Acts 16:5; 24:24
    Rom 1:5; 14:1
    I Cor 16:13
    II Cor 13:5
    Gal 1:23; 
    Gal 2:16,20
    Gal 3:23
    Eph 3:12
    Phil 1:27
    Phil 3:9
    Col 2:7
    I Tim 3:9, 13
    I Tim 4:1
    I Tim 6:10, 21
    II Tim 3:8
    II Tim 4:7
    Program #40
  •  Haven of Rest
  • Count Your Blessings
  • Stepping in the Light
  • At Calvary
  •  Even, Even More on Today's Gentile Church Design

    Today, we continue to look at the design of the local Gentile church as we look to what is the 'unity the knowledge of the Son of God.'

    What do you know - honestly know - about the Son of God, other than He died and rose again, etc.?

    We also begin to look at the importance of Paul's doctrine - the doctrine of the risen Saviour!

    Whatever your doctrine is that you believe in, do you know it enough to stand up / fight for it / prove it by scriptures? 

    And why is all doctrine compared to a KJB?  I know why - do you?

    Rom 11:33
    II Cor 4:6
    II Cor 10:5
    Eph 1:17
    Phil 3:8
    Col 1:10
    I Tim 2:4
    II Tim 3:7
    Rom 6:17
    Rom 16:17
    Eph 4:14
    I Tim 1:3,10
    Program #41
  •  Hold the Fort
  • In the Garden
  • Onward Christian Soldiers
  •   The Last Program on Today's Gentile Church Design

    We actually close out on the part about the actual design / objectives / goals, etc. of the local church today.  We finish up on the word 'doctrine.' 

    While we are mostly looking at the importance of Paul's doctrine in a local church assembly, we do bunny trail off into the doctrine about a person in the 'work place' - someone who has a 'boss' - saved or otherwise

    It appears that this particular doctrine has been ignored in the work place of today's modern world - well, along with many others that we will discuss at in a later program.

    We learn a new word today - "purloining."

     I Tim 4:13
    I Tim 6:1-3
    I Tim 6:4-6
    II Tim 3:10
    II Tim 3:16
    II Tim 4:2,3
    Titus 1:9
    Titus 2:1
    Titus 2:10
    Program #42
  • Christ Arose
  • Hallelujah 'Tis Done
  • Look and Live
  • The B.I.B.L.E
  • Warning - The 'Great Commission' in Greater Detail

    Well, it is time we get serious with my warning about the intensity of the Great Commission that has completely permeated all the churches in America as well as in all the mission fields in the world.

    We hear a few names of those pastors and authors, but nowhere near all of the names that should be mentioned. 

    Good words and fair speeches that they are, they are nothing but profane and vain babblings that entice the listeners with the words of man's wisdom.

    Would you at least give these programs a close listen?  They mean the difference between the anti-christ and the real Christ!  Which one is your pastor, author, musician preparing for you to meet?

     Mat 28:19,20
    Mark 16:15-20
    Program Description
    Program #43
  •  All the Way My Saviour Leads Me
  • A Shelter in the Time of Storm
  • The Book of Ephesians
    chapter 3
    • We look to chapter three to find a 'ton' of God's goodness to the Gentiles. 
    • We see Paul's ministry defined and presented. 
    • We see the mystery revealed through Paul. 
    • We see the beginning of the work of God putting together the Jews and the Gentiles. 
    • We see that the unsearchable riches of Christ are truly FOUND through Paul's preaching and teaching ONLY - and NOWHERE else! 
    • We see God's eternal purpose through Paul - and NOBODY else. 
    • We see how our inner spirit it strengthened. 
    • We see that our ability to comprehend the love of Christ is only through Paul's teachings. 
    • We see that the phrase 'love of Jesus' is a bogus term - it should be the love of Christ - referring to the risen Saviour, not the gospel teachings to the Jews. 
    • We see how the true glory to Christ can be given to Him through the church - the body of Christ. 
    • And finally, we continue to see the serious and disastrous mess that modern Christianity has made of the truth these days!
     Eph 3
    Rom 3:22
    Gal 2:16,20
    Gal 3:22
    Phil 3:9
    Acts 13:45,50,51
    Acts 23:12-15
    Acts 26:24,25
    II Pt 1:20
    Program #44
  •  The Love of God
  • Onward Christian Soldiers
  • Warning - The 'Great Commission'
  • Why is there a need for such an emphasis on Paul today?
  • Is 'this Paul stuff' a new revelation?
  • What is the main emphasis on II Timothy 2:15 if it is NOT on rightly dividing the word of truth?
  • Can you be 'approved of God'?
  • Where did the emphasis on the Great Commission get its start?
  • William Carey is the 'Father of the Modern False Gospel' - not the Father of Modern Missions!
  • This false gospel emphasis was started by the Baptists?  Even before the Pentecostals, etc.?  Yupper!
  •  Eph 1:7,18
    Eph 2:7,10
    Eph 3:8,16,18,19
    Col 1:27
    Col 2:2
    Rom 6:7,8
    Rom 6:18,22
    II Tim 2:15-18
    II Cor 5:21
    Program #45
  •  Heaven Came Down
  • Look and Live
  • Hide You Under the Blood
  • The Fifth 'Great Awakening' will be the AntiChrist's Gospel of Jesus
    • This is a 'review' of an article that talks about the next 'great awakening' coming in America.  Unfortunately, it sounds like the coming of Revelation 6 and it includes the Great Commission. 
    • See the importance of the entertainment business, the internet and politics in this next 'awakening'!
    • See how the gospel must be preached in order for this to take place.
    • See the words 'exclusivism' and 'inclusivism' used.  Ever hear those words from your pulpit / pastor?  If so, you know what they are prepping the congregation for!
    • The coming of a central organization is necessary, they say!  Well, Jiminy wheepers, do they not see what this is?
    • Being part of the bread?  Do they not know II Cor 6:14?
    • This so smacks of the Great Commission along with Acts 2!
    • And this is all because of the Great Commission being preached today!
    • Hear it all from 'their own mouth.'
     Jer 2:33
    Eph 5:1
    II Cor 4:11
    Gal 2:20
    II Cor 6:14
    Daniel 11:21-24
    Daniel 11:36-39
    Amos 8:11-13
    II Thess 2:3,4
    II Thess 2:8-12
    Rev 16:13,14
    Program #46
  •  Our Great Saviour
  • I Am Resolved
  • The Truth About Truth Today!

    The Very Serious Dangers of Preaching 
    the Great Commission in Our Churches Today!

  • Seven reasons why preaching the Great Commission, in whatever fashion it is done, is a very serious and dangerous thing.
  • Thirteen phrases and teachings that you are hearing from your pastor that should tell you that you are in the wrong place!
  • Acts 13:47-50
    I Jn 1:9
    Eph 4:11-16
    Program #47
  •  Praise Him, Praise Him
  • Faith is the Victory
  • Pearly White City
  •  Why Pastors Today Don't / Won't / Can't Preach Paul's Gospel

    Based on my years of observations and conversations along with the Scriptures, here are many reasons why Paul's Gospel to the Gentiles is so 'hands-off' by today's pastors.

    Paul Affects His Preaching
    Paul Affects His Church
    Paul Affects His People
    Paul Affects the Price of Pastoring

    II Tim 3:13
    II Tim 2:24-26
    II Tim 4:2
    Titus 1:7-14
    Rom 16:25,26
    Acts 26:16-18,20
    Acts 18:24-28
    Romans 5-8
    Mat 27:18
    Acts 7:9
    Acts 13:45
    Acts 17:5
    I Tim 6:4
    Program #48
  •  Are You Washed in the Blood
  • Standing on the Promises
  •  Why Pastors Today Don't / Won't / Can't Preach Paul's Gospel

    Based on my years of observations and conversations along with the Scriptures, here are many reasons why Paul's Gospel to the Gentiles is so 'hands-off' by today's pastors.

    Paul Affects His Preaching
    Paul Affects His Church
    Paul Affects His People
    Paul Affects the Price of Pastoring

    Program Description
    Program #49
  •  Once for All
  • And Cant It Be
  • No One Cared For Me Like Jesus
  • The Book of Ephesians
    chapter 4:1-22
  • We see the 'church design' for the Gentile church today - not the 'early church' design from Acts 2 for the Jews, etc. 
  • We see what it is that makes the 'unity' that everyone so clamours for today - unfortunately today, the 'ecumenical unity' today is brought about by music and by a universal 'lack' of doctrine. 
  • We see the importance of the word 'one.'
  • We see the 'style' that preachers, pastors and those that witness to others should follow - even those on the 'street corners' of America.  Go out to witness in a manner that pleases God, not yourself!
  • We see what happens to a Christian that walks the walk of a lost person.
  • Unfortunately, we have to stop today's program just before we get into the 'walk' of a Christian - that will be next week.
  • The goodness of God is that He is the kind of God that lets his 'people' know what it is to please Him - He doesn't leave that up to us to figure it out!  And folks, it really isn't that bad - honestly - and it isn't anything like what He expected out of his 'chosen' people - the Jews!
  •  Eph 4:1-22
    II Tim 2:24-26
    I Cor 12
    Rom 12
    Eph 2:10
    Rom 6:18
    II Cor 5:17,21
    Program #50
  •  Redeemed
  • Meet Me There!
  • Why Pastors Today Don't / Won't / Can't Preach Paul's Gospel

    Based on my years of observations and conversations along with the Scriptures, here are many reasons why Paul's Gospel to the Gentiles is so 'hands-off' by today's pastors.

    Paul Affects His Preaching
    Paul Affects His Church
    Paul Affects His People
    Paul Affects the Price of Pastoring
    price of loss of incoming
    price of throwing out personal library
    price of losing his fellowship and friends

     Mal 3:8-10
    I Cor 16:1-6
    I Thess 5:12,13
    II Cor 11:18-30
    II Cor 7:2-10
    II Cor 4:5-12; 15-18
    II Cor 2:1-4
    II Cor 12:15
    Program #51
  • Grace Greater Than Our Sin
  • Amazing Grace
  • Wonderful Grace of Jesus
  • Amazing Grace

    This program gives us a simple look at what God says about grace. 

    We see the difference of grace between the OT and Paul's dispensation. 

    Grace was an earned grace in the OT but today, it is a gift of God from God and is a grace made by God! 

     Gen 6:8
    Ex 33:12
    Ex 34:9
    Judg 6:17
    Ps 84:11
    Prov 4:9
    Acts 20:24
    Acts 20:32
    Rom 3:24
    Rom 4:16
    Rom 5:2
    Rom 5:15,17,21
    Rom 11:6
    I Cor 3:10
    II Cor 4:15
    II Cor 9:8
    II Cor 12:9
    Gal 1:6
    Eph 1:6,7
    Eph 2:7,8
    Eph 3:2,7
    Ehp 4:29
    Col 1:6
    Col 3:16
    Col 4:6
    Titus 3:7
    Phlm 1:25
    Program #52
  •  Springs of Living Water
  • When the Roll is Called Up Yonder
  • There is a Fountain Filled With Blood
  • The Gifts - Which Ones are To Us Today?

    We see gifts in Romans 12 and in I Cor 12.  Which ones are to us today?  The Pentecostals / Charismatics would say I Cor 12...  so why not?  

    Today, we compare the two sets of gifts.  

    'Tomorrow' we will explain a great event in history that changed it over to Romans 12

    I was thinking that we would get in 'baptism' in this program, but I was wrong.  That is still coming up in the very near future!

    Rom 1:8-12
    Rom 12:4-8
    I Cor 12:1-12
    II Tim 2:2
    Program #53
     Tis Marvelous and Wonderful
    Till the Storm Passes By
    I Know Whom I have Believed
    Baptism Yes?  Baptism No?  Baptistic Confusion!

    Baptism:  for salvation, before salvation, after salvation?  Baptism dip, drip or dunk? Baby baptism? No baptism?  Paul baptized, so why don't we?

    Add the baptism of John, remission, forgiveness and ordinances to our program this morning.

     Way more than I 
    can list here. 
    Listen closely
    and take notes.
    Program #54
     Too many hymns to list.
     Music - Piano Playing of a Few of the 'Old' Hymns

    We will be saving the 'big program' for Tuesday's program.  For today and Monday, I will be playing the piano for ya'll for a break in the action.  We will still have our Ephesians Sunday morning program.

     Col 3:16
    Eph 5:19
    Program Description
    Program #55
    Onward Christian Soldiers 

    We didn't get very far into the chapter but we did look at putting off the old man and putting on the new.  We are getting ready to begin the 'long awaited and often hated' walk to please God.  

    We looked at the words "circumspectly," "covetousness,: "new man," "old man" and our "Christian conversation," and how those words affect our daily walk.

    We spent a lot of time on who the biggest enemy is... ourselves!

     Eph 4:22-24
    Gal 1:13
    Eph 2:3
    Phil 1:27
    Phil 3:20
    Eph 2:15
    Col 3:10
    Rom 6:6
    Col 3:9
    Gal 5:16,25
    Eph 4:1,17
    Eph 5:8,15
    Col 1:10
    Col 2:6
    Col 4:5
    I Thess 2:12
    I Thes 4:1
    II Cor 5:7
    Rom 7:15-25