Learning the Way of God More Perfectly
King James Bible 1611 Then and Today

More Archived Sermons from 2004

These sermons were of my 'early Paul years' - and so there may be some improper use of references from Heb to Jude that I have come to realize now that those verses belong TO those during the Tribulation, not us today.  Pastors (as I did) know how to use those books from Heb to Jude to put pressure and guilt and fear on the listeners.

That will work during the Tribulation but are not to us today.  We change our lives based on the Goodness of God -0 Romans 2:4 ... the goodness of God leadeth thee to repentance... not the fear and severity of God's daily judgment.

But .. beyond that, these sermons are some very interesting topics, so enjoy and learn!  Maybe you can also see how those verses from Heb to Jude are actually misused, too!

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My Pastoral Warning & Comments on the movie 
The Passion of the Christ
Attacks You Will Receive When You 
Choose to Improve Your Spiritual Growth
My Pastoral Warning & Comments on the movie 
Beguiled Bible Believers and Mel Gibson's Movie
Are We Finding Nemo in Your Home?
My Pastoral Warning & Comments on the movie 
Where is Our Shame Today?
Questions for those who think
KJVOnly folks are wrong!
My Pastoral Warning & Comments on the movie 
Consider Your Ways - Haggai 1
Why Such A Struggle These Days, Anyway?
The Menace of the Religious Movie
Now My Kingdom is Not From Hence
Music Introduction to NC Church Folks
Jesus Has Already Come (Almost)
Training Our Children for the Days to Come
 Answers to the Jesus-Gospel friends and family!
Did Christ Go To Hell?
God is ...a God of Judgment
Music Events in the Bible
God is a God of Hope
He Opened Not His Mouth, But What Was He Thinking?
God Is... With Thee
Jeremiah Was No Bullfrog
God Is... the Book - Part I
Can Ya Take It?  All of It?
God Is... the Book, Not the Local Church - Part II
How to Be Brothers/Sisters
God Is... the Book, Not the Local Church - Part III
He Looketh Well Unto Her Household - Mothers Day message
The Goodness of God
Sound of Sin
Blessed are the Dad's Who Know the Joyful Sound
God's True Witnesses    part I
Cursed are the Dad's Who Don't Know the Joyful Sound
They rob their children of God's Gifts
God's True Witnesses  part II - conclusion
The Rapture - Do You Really Believe in It?
Spiritual Gifts are from the Book, not the church!
Are We Squabbling Over Nothing?
It Is More Blessed to Give
It's Still All About God!
Laodicean Church Age is Expensive to a Serious Bible Believer
Are We Really King James ONLY?
Acknowledge or Confess, There Is A Difference
Cremation - To Burn or Not to Burn?
Let It Be
A Man of God's Fatal Mistake
 Fall Upon Your Sword
Have You Been Confirmed Yet?
Fall Upon Your Sword - part II
Confirmation of Your Salvation!
The Hour of Temptation - Part I / Introduction
Cheer Up!  The Worst is Yet to Come
The Hour of Temptation - Part II
No Profit "Under the Sun;" but there is profit "In the Son!"
The Hour of Temptation -  Part III / Conclusion
Under the Sun - The Pattern
What Does the Bible Say About Music?
Under the Sun - Vexation of Spirit
Specific Praises
Under the Sun - Wisdom
Handwriting on a Sluggard's Wall - Intro to Daniel and chapter 5
Under the Sun - Vanity
Handwriting on a Sluggard's Wall - The Appointed Time - Daniel 11
Do You Really Hear Truth?
Handwriting on a Sluggard's Wall - Go Thy Way - Daniel 12
Book or Church or Pastor -What Prevails in Your Life?
Handwriting on a Sluggard's Wall - The New Life - Daniel 1
Purpose of Music
Chosen - part I
Preaching in Touchet
Chosen - part II - the conclusion
Israel in the Bible, Israel Today and Israel in the Near Future

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