Learning the Way of God More Perfectly
King James Bible 1611 Then and Today

Written Studies & Sermon Notes on the 1611 KJV
Why King James
1611 "ONLY"?
Bible Version Confusion
A Short Introduction
Questions Nobody 
Will Answer!
 What Does God Think
of the "Originals?"
The Holiness
of the 1611
Book Killers are 
Christ Killers
King James Bible
For Salvation!
Who are a Few of 
the Bad Guys?
Antioch Bible or 
Alexandrian Bible
 The Most Unique Book 
on Earth!
Things found ONLY
in the 1611
New King James Version
 Bible Version Comparison
Chart of 300 verses
in the Seven Most
Popular Versions
Modern Versions
Don't Wash You
in the Blood
of Jesus Christ
God's Words!
An Issue Even
Back in Deuteronomy
Antioch Initiative
Who Was
Wescott & Hort?
Modern Attacks Within
King James Bibles
Bible Verses
NKJV Omissions
Why Does It Even 
Bother People That
I Am King James ONLY?
The Septuagint is a  Lie!
 King James Onlyism vs Scholarship Onlyism
Classes with No Class
Reasons the KJV 
Is Superior To All

Is truth being preached from those who say they preach the KJB as truth? The Truth about Truth

Why Do KJB Pastors Today Hate to Preach Paul ONLY?

A detailed warning and study on the Left Behind series!

ALPHA Exposed

Pensacola Christian College comes out of the closet with it's non-KJV Only stand!

Home Schoolers - Archived Warnings and Encouragement

Holiness Movement in the Home

Homeschoolers - Beware

Vision Forum's False Doctrine
Audio sermon only

False Doctrine and Dangers of the Family Integrated Church Movement
Audio sermon only

The Devil's 4-H program!