Sermon Notes from the Prairie and Grasslands of the Dakotas

July 18, 2012

 Classic Music Verses in the Bible
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From this sermon, we 'hear' (learn?) the following:

Let's hear the Scriptures show the above comments in detail
These are the verses that show what Moses, Daniel, Amos, David and Paul say about music:

Numbers 20:7-11; I Timothy 6:5 - gain is not godliness.  Moses disobeyed but still got results - but it was still wrong in God's eyes.

Daniel 3:5,7,10, 15 - all kinds of music made the people bow to the image of Neb...  same with antichrist.  Music is the 'power' that is bring folks together to worship the beast - the image, etc.

I Samuel 16:14-23 - Saul had a serious problem mentally, physically and spiritually.  David healed him mentally, physically and spiritually with his cunning music.  Can we use that as our scriptural support for us to use music to heal us mentally, physically and spiritually?  Why not?  What is the difference?  We have the Holy Spirit for our healing mentally, physically and spiritually through our KJ Bible.  Do you turn to your Bible for mental issues, physical issues and spiritual issues, etc. or do you turn to music!  ALL KINDS of music?  Even the good stuff!

Amos 6:1,5 - A modern bible changes this verse (5) to prove they can use music for themselves by saying David did it.  I Chronicles 23:5 says otherwise.

Exodus 32:14 - it was the noise of them that sing!

Amos 5:21-23 - There was / is a music that God didn't like.  Still doesn't!

Ephesians 5:19 - to yourselves - psalms, hymns and spiritual songs, making MELODY, in your heart.

Colossians 3:16 - word of Christ is what is important - not the music.  we can be taught and admonished through music - but the words must be the word of Christ - and the music can't conflict...  psalms and hymns and spiritual songs (in a special order)... singing with grace IN YOUR HEARTS.  God is in US today, not in any temple, church building, etc.

Acts 17:24,25 - church and congregational group worship is not acceptable today.  God is not in the building, etc.  Who are we to worship him with our hands, music, etc.  Now we see how the antichrist is using music today with worship teams, worship leaders, etc. "Come worship with us" is a false doctrinal position.

M Paulson
Kadoka, South Dakota

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