Learning the Way of God More Perfectly
King James Bible 1611 Then and Today

Bible Study / Chart Tracts

            The following is a list of chart/tracts that I have personally drawn up and revised since we have begun preaching and teaching Paul about the Risen Christ.  I             basically made them for my own personal study to help me understand particular Bible doctrines concerning the Risen Christ, KJB, Music, Salvation, etc. but if anyone else wants to use them, they are easily downloadable!
On my computer, the final product is an 8 1/2 by 14 chart in a tri-fold fashion - I do them on Microsoft Publisher.

Unfortunately, the pdf version that the reader can print probably does not contain some of the fonts that I have on these 'original' charts, so the "aesthetic beauty & design" is missing from what you may see on your screen for what you can print yourself.

Also, please note that the final size from the pdf is a bit different than my originals.  The size of the original chart is 8 1/2 x 14, but on your computer, I think these tracts will only print out on regular sized paper.

These materials are put into tract/chart form so that they can be used in personal teaching & witnessing situations as they are mostly designed for personal study. There is no copyright on these charts!  Do with them what you choose and tweek them as you wish.  If you would like a CD with all of them in Microsoft Publisher format, let me know - they are free, but if you can help with the cost of these, it is always appreciated.
Click on the title to view the chart/tract.

Chart/Tract Titles
God's Goodness
Try to tell the folks about the goodness of God as a way to introduce Paul's writings of the Risen Saviour, etc.  There is no judgment today for lost or saved because of God's goodness, and forbearance and longsuffering; judgment is coming, but so far, there is time to make things right with God!  See Romans 2:3-5

Paul's Greater Commission

From the powerpoint presentation, this is a chart showing the entire Bible rightly divided and the scriptures that explain the whole Greater Commission concept. If you want to print the chart, just print slide #3.  This is on normal letter size paper.

I have made a separate cover for this one - and that is also available at Cover.  Print the only slide that is on this presentation.  This chart illustrates the entire design from the OT, to Jesus Christ, to Paul and back to Jesus Christ and eternity.

The Truth About Truth
This chart shows the very serious dangers of preaching the Great Commission today!  These are a few of my conclusions based on my observations of the effects of preaching the Great Commission from Matthew and Mark.  This has become common in not only the 'modern' church and they have become common even in the average KJB Baptist church.

The Battle About Truth
What has happened with 'truth' in our churches that used to preach the KJB Only - the truth - the rightly divided truth?  Why are folks following that 'other gospel' that Paul warns about in II Corinthians 11:1-4 and in Galatians 1:9, etc.?  This tract puts forth some 'comments' concerning what I have experienced myself with many different teachings, people, pastors, churches, etc.  You can also see here that America is heading for the famine of hearing the word of God in the very near future - closer than it was just a few years ago.  Finally, within this chart, you will see that every cult has truly been started by a visit from 'an angel from heaven' as Paul so aptly warned about in Galatians 1.

Why Pastor's & Preachers Don't / Won't / Can't Preach Paul's Gospel Today
Have you ever tried to show an 'official pastor' about following Paul instead of the Great Commission?  I know of only a few would even consider listening, let alone hearing what you have to day.  Why is that?  Preaching Paul affects the pastor's preaching, his church, his people and his cost of pastoring.  For some reason, pastors today do not realize that preaching Paul does not nor should it fulfil Acts 2:47 where today's pastors are seeking favour with all the people.  Paul ought to be well received, but thanks to the pastors today, few folks even know about the Risen Christ through Paul.  Read the details here.

The Christ That Paul Preaches
Learn the way of God more perfectly - a more excellent way.  Learn about Jesus Christ from Paul that folks don't hear from the pulpits of churches today.  This chart is all about living the Risen Life with a Christ that is risen, not still the Gospel Christ.  Christ is off the cross, so why don't folks live the life of the Risen Christ?  Read about Jesus Christ as Paul preaches.

Simplicities of Salvation
Use the Scriptures to show folks how simple true Biblical salvation is along with all that takes place concerning one's salvation!

God's Builders
See how important the brethren are to each other today - and tomorrow.  We have a great foundation - now how we build on it is up to us - but we sure do need each other!  You will also see that it is so important to properly love the brethren during Tribulation that their salvation depends on it.  But for today, we can only 'learn' from that example.  We are to love each other and Paul is the one who will tell us all about each other.

Grace - Rightly Divided - The Pause That Refreshes
See Paul's dispensation of grace illustrated.  The great 'pause that refreshes!'  Take the chart, make the fold in the paper and then see how and where Paul fits into the picture.  How does God reach out to us, Gentiles, and then return back to His chosen people for the Tribulation.  If you want to print this chart, print slide #8.

Beyond the Crucifixion
Christians, quit looking 'back' at the cross. As Jesus is off the cross so should we be off the cross - quit complaining about what you can not do based on the Gospels.  Look to the RISEN CHRIST and learn what you CAN do to please God.  Learn to live that joyful life that Paul talks about - the joyful life beyond the cross.

Tale of Two Cities
This is an excellent illustration showing the "Providential Preservation of the Text of the New Testament."  See a few other comments about the two cities, two essentials, two heretics, two false witnesses and the two apostate revisionists. An excellent chart to show the 'scholars' against the KJB!

The Path
This is a simple manuscript evidence chart that will show the reader from where their Bible came.  This is an obvious visual opportunity to show folks how ALL the new bible versions are from the Roman Catholic Church.  This tract also traces the history of the King James Bible.  Everyone's' Bible can be traced back either to Antioch or Alexandria.

A Great House
See the verses that are directly applicable to all men; aged men; young men along with all women, aged women, young women.  There are verses directed to all youth as well.  Take note that some folks try to apply verses from Hebrews to Jude today - but that is a false gospel because those are verses that apply during the Tribulation, not today.

God's Blessed Woman
This tract shows all what the Scriptures say about women.  Whoooeeeee, what a tract!  Ladies, read at your own risk, but be willing to lead a blessed life designed by God.  Be that liberated woman, but as a Christian woman, liberate yourself from what the world has taught you to be - and learn to be God's Blessed Woman!

"Tions" of Salvation
A tract on all that involves salvation:  justification; sanctification, propitiation, expiation, redemption, reconciliation, adoption, regeneration, imputation, dispensation, inspiration, aspiration & perspiration.

What Is Thy Beloved More Than Another Beloved?
Have you received 'another Jesus' or did you receive the real Lord Jesus Christ?  Directly from the Scriptures, see who the Real Jesus Christ is.  See WHY the real Jesus Christ is so controversial to folks today.  Read Who He is, Where He is What He is, What He says, What He did for you, What He is doing for you now and What He will be doing for you soon!

The Great Imitator
This chart is designed from a series of sermons based on the NIV perversion telling people to 'imitate' Christ, etc. instead of the KJV saying how we should 'follow.'  See all the imitations that come from the great imitator - the devil himself.  The result of all these imitations is an imitation Christian with an imitation salvation, which is just what the Devil wants!  Luke 8:12

Wanted!  Dead and Alive!  YOU!
A tract/chart designed to show the choice between living in bondage with the law or living the liberty provided by Christ.  It also deals with why Christians choose to return to bondage once they are saved instead of living a glorious liberty.

The Voice from Heaven
This chart is jam-packed with verses that show us the importance of the WORDS of God and what they are and what they will do.  The center portion of the chart explains salvation and how we received the faith OF Jesus Christ when we put our faith IN Jesus Christ.  This chart is not easy to understand at times because of the varied opportunities for different studies within this tract, but it sure does tell us specifics on what God's words are and what they will do.

The Voice of a Stranger
This chart lists the verses that warn us about Satan's voice.  It most certainly opens our eyes to the nature of Satan and how NICELY & SMOOTHLY he talks to people today.  It reminds us that his words are pleasant yet destructive, etc.  This tract will warn the readers of just exactly what the agenda of the devil is - and it is all being done through his WORDS.

Behold, All Things Are Become New
This chart is centered around II Corinthians 5:17 and lists various verses on the works of the flesh (on the darkness side) and works of the spirit (on the light side).  Verses that deal with Eternal security and the new life as a Christian are on side two of the tract.

The Word Became Flesh
This chart shows how the Bible verses that talk about Jesus Christ and all that He will be and do for us are all matching with the application of the words of the Bible.  They are so close to being one and the same, that this is probably where we get the criticism of being Bible worshippers.  It also depicts how God has tried to TALK to people on this earth.  God spoke in the OT through His SPOKEN words.  God spoke in the NT through the spoken words of His Son, Jesus Christ.  God speaks to us today by the Holy Spirit through the written words of the KJV 1611 Bible.  See the similarity of Jesus Christ and His words in the King James Bible.  This is an amazing observation to be seen by all.

Music Tract
This is a tract of questions about music that we hand to 'Christians' hoping we will perk an interest about music, thus leading them to our website that deals with the Biblical Perspective of Music.

Music!  The Big Picture
This chart shows the complete picture of the history of music as it relates to Shem, Ham & Japheth and the influence of the music from each of those three races.  It also illustrates how the Devil has used music in his plan to take over lives of people as well as the entire world.  I must say, though, his chart is best understood when I am there to explain this chart.  This is the basis of the preaching that I do regarding music and the influence it has had on the world and continues to have.  Rock music, Classical Music and New Age music and their influence are all illustrated here.

"How Is the Philadelphian Church Age Dying Without Anyone Noticing?"
This chart shows a general history of 'church' music in America. The conclusion: Music has replaced the word of God in people's lives, including the lives of many King James Bible Believers.  All kinds of music is the issue here, not just a certain 'bad' kind.  See Daniel 3:5,7,10,15

The Sounds of Sin
Here are examples of when music was used incorrectly or had a negative meaning in the Bible.  Music is not neutral; it can be good or bad, right or wrong, but never neutral!

Rightly Dividing - A Simplistic View
We see here an overall 'chart' of how to rightly divide the Bible.

Grace and Truth
Ecumenicalism is a witness with all grace and no truth - a Bad Attitude Baptist preaches truth and no grace. See the balance from the Scriptures themselves in this chart/tract.  See that having grace with your family and friends is still showing that you are ashamed UNLESS you include truth in with that grace!

What!  Know Ye Not...?
Paul 'assumes' we know certain things - check yourself with this tract to see if you know what we should all know.

Would the Real Jesus Stand Up
Knowing that Paul warns about receiving Another Jesus, let's look at a comparison of the antichrist in Revelation chapter 6 with the Real Jesus Christ in Revelation chapter 19.

Those Golden Years
This little 'handout' has verses that should / could be encouraging for an aging / aged person.  This is geared to my Nursing Homes that I visit - maybe it would be one you would consider.

Book Killers are Christ Killers!
This is a chart I used in a sermon many years ago that explains that the exact plan that Satan designed to kill Jesus Christ is the same exact plan that Satan has used to 'kill' the word of God.  He has tried over and over to destroy the word of God.  See his plan in detail!  Use this to protect your family as well as yourself and church.  As there was a conspiracy against Jesus in the Gospels, there is a conspiracy against the King James Bible today!