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King James Bible 1611 Then and Today

The Scofield New King James Bible Version

Although there are many pamphlets about this perverse corruption, we thought we might print for our readers here another very brief survey of this particular translation, so the Bible believers will understand why we would never recommend the NKJV as a "Bible".
   Genesis 1:28--The word "replenish" has been replaced with the RSV readings of the NCC, found in all modern corruptions (NRSV, ASV, NASV, NIV, etc.). There is not one edition of a King James Bible from 1611 that has this substitution in it.

   Genesis 2:18--In line with Women's Lib, Eve is made "comparable" to Adam instead of being an "help meet" to HELP him. The twentieth century stale nugget from the NEA has been run into the Genesis account in the NSRB.

   Genesis 9:26--The direct, prophetic announcements of Noah have been subtly converted to requests and possibilities by inserting the word "MAY" twice.

   Genesis 18:1--The archaic and non-colloquial "TEREBINTHS" have replaced the "plains" where Abraham pitched his tent.

   Genesis 24:22--In line with all unsaved Liberals in the NCCC, the NKJV has converted Rebecca (a type of the Bride of Christ) into a Hamitic cannibal by giving her a "nose ring" to stick in her nose.

   Genesis 49:6--In line with all unsaved Liberals in the Communist Party, the NKJV has stuck the reading of the RSV and the NRSV into the text: it is not found in this fashion--"hamstrung an ox"--in ANY edition of the AV

   Exodus 3:14--In violation of every edition of every King James Bible for 400+ years, the NKJV has changed God's definition of His essential nature.

   Numbers 33:52--The heathen are allowed to keep their "pictures" in spite of the fact that it was indoor television pictures that finished off the Jews. Read Ezekiel 8:10. The word "pictures" has been erased from the NKJV, NIV, and NASV.

   Deuteronomy 32:14--To get rid of the Blood of Christ as grape juice: "the pure blood of the grape," the NKJV has forced Deuteronomy 32:14 to contradict Deuteronomy 29:6. The NIV does the same thing.

   Job 41:1--The footnote says that Satan (see Isa. 27 and Rev. 12) is "a large sea creature, exact identity unknown." Of the Antichrist (see Rev. 13:1-2) the NKJV board of editors say, "a large animal, exact identity unknown."

   Proverbs 30:31--The Antichrist can be overthrown in the NKJV, for only "his troops are with him."

   Ecclesiastes 12:11--The "preacher" had to be converted to someone like the board of revisers, who were perverting the truth; so they converted him to a "scholar" (v. 11 ) so the scholars would get credit for the Shepherd's words.

   Isaiah 6:13--The obvious reference to literal cannibalism has been obscured in the NKJV because the blockheads who bungled with it didn't know that such a thing was going to take place.

   Isaiah 9:3--Every Hebrew text extant has been violated. Bringing the reader down to their level of ignorance, the Hebrew "scholars" (see Eccl. 12 above!) took out the word "NOT." It is in every Hebrew manuscript extant on earth.

   Daniel 8:25--the method of the Antichrist's operation is carefully concealed by the NKJV so you will relax and drop your guard when he begins to talk about "peace." The word "peaceably" has been removed from here.

   Jonah 2:2--The word "hell" has been removed from here so you would lose the cross-reference to Acts 2:27,31, indicating the LOCATION of hell.

   A footnote on Mark 16 says, "Verses 9-20 are bracketed in NU-texts as not original. They are lacking in Codex Sinaiticus and Codex Vaticanus although NEARLY ALL other manuscripts of Mark contain them." The comment is so typical as to put one to sleep. It is wretched, miserable FRAUD. The word "nearly" here means one constant string of witnesses from 130 A.D. to 1611, including 99% of several hundred cursives, 99% of the uncials, and citations from France, Italy, Asia Minor, Palestine, Africa, Crete, Europe, and the Balkans for a thousand years.

   "Nearly all," is it? Tell the truth. There are TWO Greek uncials that omit it, and they are the MOST CORRUPT Greek manuscripts that have ever been found, differing between themselves in over three thousand places in the gospels alone.

The New Scofield Reference Bible
is about as new as sin, hell, and damnation.