Learning the Way of God More Perfectly
King James Bible 1611 Then and Today

  When Pensacola Christian College
A few years ago, someone from Pensacola Christian College sent this booklet to me 'free,' as I figure they did to many other pastors as well. I must say that this has sparked some thought with me; however, as you will soon read, I do doubt that my thoughts are the kind that these self-proclaimed 'edjukated' PCC scholars intended for me to consider.

Once again we see the word "Christian" stretched beyond what it is intended to mean. A "true Christian" is one who has put their faith in and on "Christ" and this booklet shows unargueable proof that these folks in the Bible department are not willing to follow Christ, as Christ Himself has led.

So now, in regards to my thoughts on this booklet; keep in mind what Paul said in I Corinthians 4:14, I write not these things to shame you, but as my beloved sons I warn you.

The intent of this booklet is to 'explain' why the "Greek" supports the words "It is written"  in the "Bible".  However, in all truth & reality, this booklet shows the following points:

1)  This booklet shows the complicatedness, confusion and confoundment involved with the totally brainless thinking that we all need to study Greek in order to understand God's words when truthfully and obviously, God has now given us HIS WORDS in English and in English only.  YES, the final product is in ENGLISH!

2)  This booklet actually implies that the Christian 'needs' to turn to his 'edjukated' pastor for Bible interpretation as there is NO 'normal' person who can go 'back' to understand greek.  Thus we have the Catholic concept of priestly authority within our own King James Churches.

3)  This booklet shows the DECEPTION and DESTRUCTION that these "BILE" Colleges represent because they WILL take the Bible's final authority away from your children.  If your kids are KJV when they enter, they will either come out NOT King James Bible Only or they will not graduate from their school - most likely they will be removed 'before' graduation!

4)  This booklet shows off the stupidity of deeper edjukation in that these scholars in their Bible departments have no clue about Psalm 12:6,7 being the simple explanation of the the increasing purity of the God's words ENDING in the King James 1611 Bible.

Why do these 'scholars' seek to take everyone BACK one notch when they return people to the Greek written before the King James Bible?  This should be an obvious warning to all folks who seek that deeper edjukation as it is truthfully a place where God's words are not heeded to and 'stolen' from the young people of today.  These young people will soon be parents and preachers - what a thought, eh!

5)  This booklet shows us that we King James Only people have been correct all along when it came to exposing these "educators" for what they are - LIARS.  They have said that they believe the King James Bible to be the word of God.  Ya, right!  They didn't say that, but they did say that is the only Bible they "use."

But only in English, they say, meaning that we need to still go back to the Greek if you want to get the REAL & DEEPER truth. When they say that the the KJV is the BEST, maybe now folks who 'like' theses 'colleges of worthless edjukation' will finally see the truth as to what they REALLY mean by their comments.

6)  With all their talk of the Greek proving that It is written... is correct, they NEVER ONCE in this whole booklet mention the King James Bible.

7)  They keep spouting in this booklet that the Greek proves that the Bible is the word of God but then NEVER TELL YOU WHAT THE BIBLE IS.  Can you figure that?  I can -  Here is the proof, provided by the wolves themselves.  These PCC Scholars themselves tell you that the Greek supports the word of God, but THEY WON'T TELL WHAT THE WORD OF GOD and/or where it can be found for us to live by daily and to study to rightly divide the word of truth.