Learning the Way of God More Perfectly
King James Bible 1611

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Contrasts in Scriptures
- Not Contradictions -


What Peter Preached at Jerusalem
Acts 3:12-23
What Paul Preached at Antioch
Acts 13:14-41
The apostle Peter, preaching to the Jews, declared: 
Acts 2:22-36

Their response was:
Acts 2:37

Peter's answer was:
Acts 2:38,40b

The response of those who gladly received his word was:
Acts 2:41-47

Another time, Peter spoke to the Jews:
Acts 3:12-26

Their response:
Acts 4:1-7

Peter's answer:
Acts 4:8-12

Their response:
Acts 4:13-18

Peter and John's answer:
Acts 4:19,20

Their response:
Acts 4:21

How different was the Apostle Paul's sermon, delivered after He had been appointed to be the dispenser of grace, He too began with, "Men of Israel."
Acts 13:16

But he had a different message for them. 
Acts 13:14-41

Paul knew what Christ had accomplished on the cross:
Acts 13:38,39.

The response to Paul's words?
Acts 13:42-45

Paul's response to their response:
Acts 13:46-47

The response from the Gentiles:
Acts 13:48,49

The response from the Jews:
Acts 13:50

The response from Paul (and Barnabas):
Acts 13:51

God's response to it all:
Acts 13:52

A little dirty play after it all from the Jews!
Acts 14:1-2

Thus when he was ever asked, "What must I do to be saved?" Paul could answer:
Acts 16:30,31

Bonus speech from Paul at Mars' Hill:
Acts 17:22-31

The response was:
Acts 17:32-34