Learning the Way of God More Perfectly
King James Bible 1611 Then and Now

Absolute Music for an Absolute God

General Outline from Audio Sermon

Revelation 4:11 - Your music should please God, not yourself!
Philippians 4:8 - Your music should fit this criteria!

Can you prove your music is acceptable unto God?
I Thessalonians 5:21
Philippians 1:10
Ephesians 5:10
II Timothy 2:15

Don't think like lost folks!
Ephesians 4:17-21 -

A quite life today?  Where?
I Timothy 2:3

I Corinthians 11:19 - 'bad' music proves there must be a 'good' music, too.

How Do You Justify Your Music?
Golden Oldies?
Southern - home of God?
Good words?
Instruments and instrumentation?
Feels good?
Makes you want to run around the church?
You like it?
You believe music is a neutral non-issue?
You don't know?
Rebellion - one step or two beyond what you are allowed?

A short review of Ham - Black man's music
From Music! The Big Picture tract

This music has always been a physical approach because of the rhythmic element.

The study here is "Where" was this type of music in relation to the world.  It traveled from Africa, to Haiti, to America and out to the world. The music  remained  in it's primitive fashion as it caught  the world in it's travels.

This "music" always associated with nudity, sexualities, sacrifices and death.  Slaves brutalized and bewildered from cultures in the past.  Their charms and stomps not only evoked spirits of the gods, they animated and immortalized them.   Slaves from African West Coast (with their demon gods and voodoos, etc. were imported to Haiti (Caribbean Islands).  Their music, dances, and beats mixed with Catholic beliefs and practices and made voodoo ceremonies centering their worship of the snake-god Damballa through singing, dancing, and spirit possession.

After firmly set in Africa based on drums and dancing, and as they worshipped a god or devil, the ultimate experience was to have their bodies possessed by that devil.  Dancers always saluted the drummers before they started their rituals.  Without the drummer, the ritual could not progress.  It is the pulse which links all people to one unit - sending the body into a slow serpentine undulation which begins in shoulders to spine to legs and hips.  In 1804, Haiti revolution came to America (New Orleans).   Dances of New Orleans started in slums, bars, whore houses, etc.  Music called Samba and Mambo were named after gods who offered sacrifices during rituals.  The music continued to influence America as a whole country.

The music was then called Jazz and now is the main "Hamite" element in all of the world's music.  The music features complex rhythms and polyrhythmic, percussive sound and a wide variety of ensembles, all of which has always and still does affect the flesh.   The music remains closely linked with dancing, both of which re basic to many ceremonies, rituals, and celebrations. Messages & stories are told by imitating the rhythms and pitch fluctuations of words.   It is a language that speaks to the flesh - not God's way of communicating!  Rock Music grew from Jazz.

Demoniac Period
Listeners are fornicating, murderous, rebellious teenaged cult of dopeheaded sex perverts, and Satanists.  The music is blasphemous against Jesus Christ; it glorifies Satan, Hell, Wickedness, etc and mocks Biblical teaching of God, Jesus Christ, Heaven, Righteousness,  etc.

"Leaders of the Pack"
Lenin, Guthrie, King, Mac, Santana, Wolf, Stewart, Cooper, Joplin, Zappa, Bowie, Crue, Kiss, Dylan, John,

A short review of Shemite - Oriental music

Similiar to the music of Ham, Shem's music also did not 'progress'  The music of  has not had a world influence until recently, in the New Age involvement.

This music is very spiritual in it's content,thus the emphasis on religion and their music in Shem's line
This music is of a spiritual nature.

Jews and the Bible:
The Bible contains an accurate and detailed use of music from God's own people with over 500 direct references to music. Music was an active form of praise to God.  Musicians were used when construction projects were going on; they carried their musical instruments with them when they went to war; there were massive groups of people in the desert with their musical instruments.  David was a great musician as well as a great King.  The musical instruments were not elaborate and did not involve any harmony.  They played and sang melodies.  Musicians won battles and prophesied - because of the Lord's involvement.  Music was used when things were difficult in life.  Music was used to teach children about God's works.  Stringed instruments, tabrets, cymbals & harps were instruments used.

The Orientals without the Bible:
Their music is closely linked with religions, dance and drama.  Music is an indispensable accompaniment to daily activities, magic rites & ceremonies.  Music is often employed to communicate messages and to relate the culture of these people.  Their music is transmitted orally.  Little written notation is used.  Singing is the most important way of performing.  Vocal timbres vary widely, including shouting, crying, whispers, sighing, humming, yodeling, and singing through the teeth.  Instruments are influenced by religion.  They have symbolic association with specific gods and goddesses.  They may be shaped like birds, animals or fish.  These religions are carried into other parts of the world through their music and is very subtle.  There is much association with nature.

New Age
1970's - Present - Future

World's good  music
Autitory consciousness
Cosmic music
Toning  movements
Continuous drones
Endless structure
Lyrics contain spiritual beliefs or systems.
Therapy Music
Planetary  healing
Physical Healing
Dedicated to nature
Spiritual fulfillment
Ambient Music
Eastern Spirituality

Musical Enlighteners
Kitaro, Lanz, Merufi, Pacini, Spheeris, Tajalli, Babak, Davis, Halpern, Glass, Allegro, New Leaf, Mike Hammer, Makoche, Joseph Fire Crow, etc.

Balance is the key!
Proverbs 11:1
Proverbs 16:11

Next week - The History of Japheth Music